4 K-Dramas That You Should Watch Right Now

Throughout the years, K-Dramas have been bagging awards because of their storyline and screenplay. People have been becoming addicted to these dramas. K-dramas have been quite popular around the world. If you are more into pop culture, then you would love these dramas. Also, if you are in search of K-drama merch, check out our collection.

We have listed down a list of the K-dramas for our readers so that they can watch these shows right now. Give this a read and see what those shows are:

Descendants of the Sun:

The first on this list is Descendants of the Sun. It was aired back in 2016, and it has 16 episodes for viewers. It has won several drama awards. The story of this drama revolves around a young, beautiful woman who leads a medical team to save the lives of special forces. The special forces used to carry out secret missions. It is all set in Uruk, a fictional country that is under war.

The main character and the head of the team deal with a matter of life and death every other day throughout the show. It is followed by an amazing cast with incredible background scoring as well as a wonderful storyline. Moreover, the chemistry between the leads is awesome. Stream this drama on the OTT platforms right now.


The second contender on this list is Goblin. This K-drama was aired back in 2016, and it was an interesting one for the viewers. You will get a dose of a fresh and unique story that is beautifully executed in 16 episodes.

Coming to the point, the story focuses on a modern-day goblin or protector of souls. He is in a search of a human bride to end the cursed immortal life he is living. It’s a fun-filled epic love story that has a heartwarming romance with suspense and mystery. Line up this on your smartphone or laptop, and watch it.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon:

The third listing is Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. If you are a person who looks up to dramas that have a romantic comedy with fun, then this will be your next watch. This K-drama revolves around a story of a strong heroine with a highly appreciative hero.

The heroine, Do Bong Soon, will look like a small and fragile lady to you, but she is a woman that has super strength with the power which was passed on by her female members of her family. She tries to keep this a secret because she fears that people will see her as a weirdo. On a fine day, a CEO of a game company, known as Ahn Min Hyuk, recognises her powers. The gentleman finds it attractive and gets intrigued by her. Due to some circumstances, he decides to hire this lady as his bodyguard. From this point, the real fun begins. Don’t wait any longer now, stream this on your go-to OTT platforms and enjoy this show.

Itaewon Class:

The fourth on this list is Itaewon Class. It is a K-drama whose story revolves around a guy who opens up a restaurant in Itaewon after serving the prison for years, getting into a fight with Jang Geun-won. Both of the gentlemen have a rough history. For now, they have a fresh start. Park Sae-Roy doesn't only want to franchise his restaurant DanBam, but also take control of Jangga Group. To see how things go, watch it to see what happens in the show.


To sum this up, you are pretty much aware of the shows that you should watch right now. You can stream these shows anywhere you want. Also, if you are looking for K-drama merchandise online, check out Kpop Merchandise Online’s collection right now.