4 K-pop Collaboration A True Fan Should Know!

K-pop is a perpetually growing industry. Given the tremendous adoration and popularity, they have received worldwide, some of its popular idols have done a memorable collaboration with tons of companies outside the K-pop entertainment scene.

Since K-pop has invested a lot in building fan-base communities, the k-pop fanatics are more than eager to get their hands on the K-pop collaborated items.

We have jotted some of them down below.  

G-Dragon & Nike's 'Paranoise 2.0' AF1

Right after the release of  'Paranoise 1.0', the shoes became the most coveted pair of shoes in the world. It has not just attracted the attention of fashion-forward people, but it has also been creating quite a buzz among K-pop fans.

Right after the astounding success of  'Paranoise 1.0',  'Para-Noise 2.0' hit the market and received a similar vehemence.  The  'Para-Noise 2.0' had the same ivory white color as its predecessor, and the general design is also not significantly different.

G-Dragon believes that uncertainty should not keep people from expressing their feelings and creating the world of their choice.

Being a true artist, this famous k-pop idol influenced the youth through his music and fashion statements. According to him, by fusing fashion and music, everyone can eventually make the world a more livable place.

After these two successful releases, fans are now expecting the G-Dragon will collaborate with Nike. That is because every influential artist and designer collaborates with that sportswear fashion giant.

 BTS x Lemona

The tangy vitamin C powder called Lemona has always existed in South Korea. Recently, it has collaborated with the most coveted K-pop boy band, i.e., BTS.

Given how confined you are in your home these days, it is best to take your vitamin supplements.

Besides improving your overall skin health, vitamin C also plays a vital role in improving one’s immune system.

The  BTS x Lemona collaboration comes in adorable heart-shaped containers that ARMY could keep even after they had used up the entire product. The container can be perfect for storing various small-sized items, like tablets, coins, earrings, etc.

BTS x Samsung Galaxy S20

There are only two things that come to mind when you think about South Korea, i.e., K-pop and Samsung!

Recently released, the BTS edition of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is a phone worth your money. Displayed in a gorgeous purple color, this breathtaking phone constitutes every striking feature a user could imagine.

Besides having all the basic features of the S20 Galaxy, BTS x Samsung Galaxy S20 has a wider screen and a cute heart near the camera button.


SYSTEM is one of the most notable South Korean fashion brands that has profoundly impacted the fashion enthusiasts youth of Korea. Thanks to their collaboration with BTS, the brand is now being recognized in international arenas.

The SYSTEM and BTS collaborated on their sweatshirts, i.e., 'Blood, Sweat, & Tears Collection.’ The collaboration was understandably a mega-hit on a global level, and it helped the SYSTEM reach new heights of popularity.

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