4 Reasons Why BigBang’s G-Dragon Is The Undeniable King Of KPOP!

BigBang is one of the most renowned and talked about KPOP bands of all time, and with good reason. They have produced some of the best songs, dance moves and wowed the audience every single time!

However, this blog is about one particular band member of the BigBang, G-Dragon. Do we need to say further? Everyone who is familiar with the world of KPOP knows him. The guy is a celebrity sensation and has been referred to as the king of KPOP on several occasions. So many people possess BigBang merch with G-Dragon’s picture on the cover. But why is that? Why does everyone love him and call him that? Scroll down to find out!

Why Does Everyone Love G-Dragon?

  • Wrote So Many Songs

Did you know that GD wrote and produced a lot of BigBang’s major hits? Some of them are Fantastic Baby, Bang Bang Bang and Lies. 

He also wrote a lot of catchy solo hits that were loved and renowned by fans worldwide. The guy is pure talent.

  • Very Welcoming Towards Fans

GD and the whole gang, for that matter, have always been very welcoming towards their fans. At all their tours, they made sure that all the VIPs attending had a fun night and enjoyed backstage with them as well.

Even when GD did solo concerts, he made sure to give his VIP fans great company during and after his singing was over.

In 2021, Nike and Vogue invited a group of GD’s VIp fans to record a message for him on the launch day of his 3rd Nike collaboration “Kwondo1”.

A man and woman were sharing their stories when GD came out from behind and completely took them off guard. The fans were so surprised they broke down on the floor and couldn’t even believe it for a while. GD then chatted with them for a bit and also took pictures. 

This gesture was greatly appreciated by fans everywhere and this is one of the reasons why G-Dragon is so widely loved. He loves his fans and they love him!

  • Has Set Some Awesome Trends

Would anyone in a Nike or a Louis Vuitton impress you? Because we would definitely be dazzled. Well, GD has set some amazing trends in fashion and that too by partnering with huge brands like Nike, Chanel and Louis Vuitton? How cool is that?

This also means that by the trends he set, he did not just influence the people of South Korea but also the whole of the west, as these brands mostly cater to them. 

Due to his love for style and fashion, this guy even started his own fashion line with the name of Peaceminusone in October 2016. Honestly though, how versatile is this guy?

  • Believes In Expression Through Art

Apart from singing, dancing and his own fashion line, GD is also a fan of art and loves to paint and draw. He has painted and drawn various stuff and also shows some of it to his fans by posting his work on Instagram. 

What’s more, he also hosted an art exhibition before he went to enlist in the army so that fans could see his beautiful work. A lot of his work was appreciated and he sold many art pieces. 

Wrapping It Up

So you see, G-Dragon is called the king of KPOP, and rightly so. Because it is not just the melodious voice or the right lyrics that make you loved by people worldwide, but your character and other abilities. And G-Dragon has shown he is the master of them all. With interests in singing, writing songs, producing art and starting his own fashion lines, this guy is a definite all rounder and years after his first debut, he is still one of the most favorites in KPOP!

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