4 Signature Concepts Of Popular KPOP Groups

Nonfans and newbies to the Kpop world have most likely considered the following question: What makes Kpop so popular? We can't deny that Kpop has distinct traits that set it unique from Western music. There is no single explanation to what makes Kpop so appealing, from captivating music to aggressive choreography. However, one of the industry's strengths is the unique Kpop concepts and apparel.

Fans are well aware that the most successful Kpop themes are extensive in scope and necessitate a significant amount of dedication. Aside from the visual backdrops, idols' famous outfits make them stand out and leave a lasting effect on followers. Their apparel enhances their stage presence and outstanding performances.

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What Are Kpop Concepts?

Concepts are the unique topics Kpop idols follow for a comeback or to maintain steady group identity. These themes are expressed through the genre and lyrics of their songs, the surroundings and mood of their music videos, and, most notably, the practical manner of their costumes. What distinguishes these concepts from Western pop culture is that the Kpop business frequently goes above and beyond in displaying these chosen themes. Some Kpop groups even use futuristic, horror, or fantasy themes solely to make an impact.

Kpop groups can either cling to one idea or have multiple concepts. Dreamcatcher is one example of a Kpop idol who adheres to a consistent theme. Dreamcatcher has never failed to give a frightening and haunted vibe with their music style, ranging from their debut with 'Chase Me' to their music video 'BEcause.'

Written below are some signature concepts of Kpop, which includes the following:

  • BTS
  • Red Velvet


As one of the most successful Kpop groups in history, BTS never fails to impress its ARMYs with new concepts for each comeback. The seven-member boy group's outfit has evolved throughout the years, from streetwear hip-hop fashion in 2013 to beautiful throwback style in 2020. While they may not have a consistent premise, one of their comebacks' distinguishing traits is their variety. BTS has demonstrated that they can rock high school, elegant, boy crush, retro, dark, and other brilliantly with their costumes from 'Dynamite' and 'Dope.'


BLACKPINK's hallmark concept is girl crush, which combines the coolness of black and the softness of pink. Despite the different experimental trends that BLACKPINK has seamlessly pulled off, their style still comes down to 'badass' fashion, which makes them empowering. BLACKPINK reinvents the iconic girl crush notion by borrowing aspects from techwear, high school, and elegant themes. This is evident in all girls' music videos, particularly 'Ddu Du Ddu Du' and 'Boombayah.'

Red Velvet

Red Velvet's concepts are strange, with bizarre clothes like those from 'Zimzalabim.' Almost all of their comeback themes have a cute yet scary notion behind them. While elegant, gloomy, and retro concepts are also displayed, their distinctive quality has been timelessly uncommon. This works quite well for Red Velvet to represent their iconic identity.


TWICE is one of the most successful Kpop girl groups that use the traditional adorable concept. Despite the Halloween or spooky plots in their 'Knock Knock' and 'TT' music videos, it is evident that TWICE prioritizes the sweetness of their song, choreography, and even their clothes. While many would say that TWICE is gradually straying away from the charming and young notion, it's crucial to remember that their pretty and adorable features primarily serve as the cornerstone of their popularity. Their fascinating notion is also a key component of their summer-themed comebacks, such as 'Dance the Night Away.'

Final Words

With all of the famous Kpop concepts stated, you might be wondering which one sticks out from the crowd. There may be some ideas that are more prevalent than others. However, the definition of "signature" in Kpop is multi-dimensional; it all depends upon your choice and taste.

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