5 Cool Merch Items Every Kpop Fan Must Have

Kpop has been winning the hearts of millions of people not just in South Korea, but the rest of the world too. The stans dedicate their complete love and support to their idols. They try and save money to purchase their fave’s music, attend live shows, and collect cool Kpop merch too. Every time an idol puts out new music, there’s going to be an incredible collection of merch that fans will love to buy or gift. If you want to know the different kinds of merch items that’s popular within the community, find out right below:

Photo Cards:

Photo cards, as the name suggests, are cards with an HQ image of an idol on it. There are different types of cards available for purchase from a store, and you can choose one based on your favourite idol. Photo cards also make great gifts that can be offered to a friend or family member who loves Kpop. These are pretty popular, since they can be used for display or decoration purposes.

Kpop Dolls:

Another intriguing and cute Kpop merch item that fans love is the Kpop doll. There are various kinds of dolls including plastic dolls, pillow dolls, cotton dolls, and more. Fans usually buy these dolls and keep them in their bedrooms. They even bring along the dolls with them while attending a show. Popular band BTS has collaborated with certain brands to create custom Kpop dolls too.

Light Sticks:

Light sticks are one of the most demanded items that most fans and concert-goers purchase. Light sticks are typically used to beautifully light up a crowd in a Kpop concert. Fans in the audience turn it on and lift their sticks, and what you will see is a visual spectacle! A crowd illuminated by light sticks will quickly capture the attention of idols, which is why most fans purchase the item.

Phone Cases:

What better way to beautify your phone than buying a Kpop phone case? This attractive Kpop merch item is selling like hot cakes, since fans can easily put it on their phone and show off wherever they go. These cases are not just stylish, but they protect your phones from damage too.


Yet another popular Kpop merchandise are idols’ posters. Kpop fans are obsessed with these, since they are essentially portraits in bigger sizes of their favourite idols. The quality of these posters is top notch, when you purchase from a reputable Kpop merch store. Fans usually stick the posters on their bedroom walls.

These are some of the most demanded Kpop merch items available for purchase online. No matter where you are, you could easily buy any of these eye-appealing items right from the comfort of your own home. Visit a Kpop online shop today and start collecting!