5 Reasons Why Stray Kids Is Everyone's Favorite K-Pop!

Did you know Stray Kids was formed in 2017 and debuted with its first song in 2018? Even though it hasn’t been that long to this particular K-Pop band, its popularity says otherwise. Multiple awards and a generous fan following has made this band one of the best in the world. 

Its popularity has also accounted for an increased demand for stray kids merch with so many fans looking for cool shirts and other accessories to flaunt their favorite band with.

But how has this K-Pop group gained so much acclaim and recognition in such a short time? And why could this be the future of K-Pop? Here are a few reasons why!

Why Stray Kids Might Be The Future Of K-Pop?

  • Everyone’s Seen Their Immense Hard Work

From October to December 2017, JYP ran a 10 episode audition show that showed a pre-selected team and had to prove they were worthy of debuting together as a band. This involved composing songs and exhibiting their abilities to show how capable they were.

They were given tasks and missions and were judged upon them. They had to solve all of these through teamwork, interpersonal skills and also had to learn and excel in their singing and dancing abilities.

This show was enjoyed and much appreciated by the public and they saw the hard work this K-Pop group put in behind their work. Hence, this raised their image and caused their pre debut album “Mixtape” to become so popular that it reached number 2 on Billboard’s World Album chart. 

So you see folks, hard work always pays off!

  • They Possess Insane Energy Levels

Another reason why this K-Pop band is loved so much by the people is because of the insane levels of energy they possess. They make music relatable to the teens, and their music is youthful and spirited.

Everyone in their 20s is almost always facing an identity crisis of sorts. They do not know what they are doing or what to do or what life is. Stray Kids focuses on these topics, helping themselves and their fans deal with identity crises as well as societal norms.

  • Extremely Good Choreography 

The choreographers have done a great job with this K-Pop. They show you some of the best moves of the century and the dances done are amazing. The dance movies are completely in sync with the words of the song and they contrast each other beautifully.

However, good choreography on its own is not enough. It is not just the choreography but also the dancers who make watching something worthwhile. And we kid you not, the dancers of this K-Pop steal the show with their absolutely lovely moves. 

While listening to Stray Kids, you get the best of both worlds. Good songs combined with the best dance moves. What more would anyone want?

  • Connect Well With the Audience

Stray kids have the ability to connect well with their audience. Most of the songs they make are extremely meaningful and sometimes send beautiful messages.

They have a mix of different songs, ranging from slow, playful and fast. Their albums also show how much they have grown since they first started. Maturity and better quality can be seen in their music as they keep throwing one hit album after the other. 

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