5 Things To Gift Your Blackpink Fan Friends!

If your friends are into KPOP, it is impossible to not know about Blackpink. This girl group KPOP has been dominating the charts since forever! Almost every single song they release is an absolute hit. This absolutely amazing KPOP is also the first ever KPOP girl group to appear on a billboard cover! They made history folks!

Is it your friend’s birthday coming and they are a huge fan of Blackpink? Here are a few blackpink merch you could gift them to make their day!  

Surprise Your Friend With These Amazing Items

  • T-shirts

No matter what the occasion, t-shirts are always one of the best options. Especially if it is a Blackpink t-shirt. They are cool and trendy and can be worn all the time. A t-shirt with a cute logo of Blackpink or featuring one of the characters will surprise your friends and they will wear this ALL the time.

T-shirts can be worn anytime and look great with all other clothing options. They will be able to wear this with jeans or wear a jacket or hoodie on top when it is cold. Which brings us to our next cool gift, the hoodie. 

  • Hoodies

Hoodies are one of the coolest things ever! Everyone loves them and they can be pulled off very easily. Out of all the Blackpink merchandise available, hoodies are our favorite. This is because they are an extremely smart clothing option and are worn a lot by teenagers. 

At KPOP Merchandise Online, we have a variety of Blackpink hoodies you could choose from. If your friend is a girl and into cats and all things pink, we have a very pretty cat eared logo cropped hoodie that is a very lovely pink in color.

For creating a more emo or hot style, we have a blackpink warm hoodie. It is completely black with pink logos and is the perfect item to flaunt one’s favorite band.

If someone likes it plain, we also have those available that will look great and definitely turn eyes. Maybe you should get one too!

  • Backpack

There is a vast variety of clothing options available when it comes to Blackpink merchandise. However, there are many other things to give if you feel like gifting clothes is too mainstream.

Backpacks are a cool option to give as a gift. The black and pink exterior with trendy zips will amplify the look of any outfit.

If your friend would prefer something fancy or extra, there are also fully printed backpacks available that may suit their liking and make your gift the best one ever!

  • Caps

If you are on a budget, you could always go for something simple and classy, like a cap. Caps look smart and can easily be pulled off on a day out on the beach or just when the weather becomes hot. At the end, it's the thought that counts.

Blackpink caps will look cute and it will be the first thing someone sees when they look at you. It is a good way to flaunt your favorite band while looking pretty good in the process.

  • Jewelry

Girls LOVE jewelry. They absolutely adore it. Especially if it's of their liking. They might not ever take it off. Jewelry of one’s favorite KPOP band is one of the most thoughtful gifts you could give your friend. Trust us, she would love it so much!

KPOP Merchandise Online has some amazing Blackpink jewelry pieces available that you could gift to your loved ones. Check them out now!

Wrapping It Up

One thing is clear, KPOP is not going anywhere. It is here to stay for a long time and so will the merchandise demand of its fans. Hence, whatever you buy will actually last you for a long time and not go out of fashion.

Want to get something for yourself or as a gift or for your KPOP fan friend? Shop from us now!