7 Facts You Might Not Have Known About Seventeen

Even though they are recent, Seventeen have quickly become one of the biggest and most popular K-pop groups in the music industry. Their popularity is due to a combination of sheer talent and amazing personalities. 

They have gathered an unquestionably loyal and dedicated fanbase. But as they gain popularity, more and more people are joining the Seventeen fandom. So, we’ve written this blog for people who are new. We’ve included some interesting facts that we think everyone should know. We also tell you where you can get official Seventeen merch at the end, so stick around.

7 Facts You Might Not Have Known About Seventeen

  • The Group Is Young In More Ways Than One

For a Kpop group, they haven't been around as long as some others have. In fact, they only started out around 6 years ago. That is considered young. And their debut single was "Adore U." 

Speaking of young, even the oldest member of Seventeen, known as S.Coups, is only 25 years old right now. So, he started out young too. 

  • Mainly Street Casted

Street-casting is very common in the Kpop industry. It basically means that labels and companies send out their representatives onto the street to scout the best-looking or best-performing talent. 

In that sense, pretty much all of Seventeen's members are street cast and, therefore, only came up because of sheer talent. Only three members, Wonwoo, Woozi, and DK, auditioned the normal way. But Joshua was street cast during a Korean festival in the U.S. when he was 18.

  • Hoshi’s Age Is Surprising

Mingyu is the mature one in the group because he looks like the most mature one. And most new fans automatically think that he is the older one. But the reality is that Hoshi is older than Mingyu. He just looks older because of genetics. But with Mingyu being born in 1997 and Hoshi being born in 1996, it is pretty obvious who’s older.

  • Jeonghan Majored In What?

If there was ever a package of pure talent, charisma, good looks, and even smarts, it would be Jeonghan. In high school, he majored in the natural sciences and studied quite in-depth in the field.

  • Hoshi’s Love For Taekwondo

Although Hoshi's main dream was to become an idol, he wasn't short of other options. Hoshi is a trained black belt in Taekwondo and has won many competitions. He even meant to move towards mastery in the art form before he became an idol.

But his long hair was more precious to him. He didn't want to cut it, which he was threatened with. So, he decided against pursuing that career path and moved towards becoming an idol. And now, he is an essential member of Seventeen. 

  • D.K.'s Real Name Is Not What You Think

D.K.'s real name is Lee Dokyeom, right? Wrong. It might make sense in a way. But his real name is something completely different. It is just a stage name. In reality, D.K.'s name is actually Lee Seokmin. 

  • Woozi Got His Rise From “Downpour”

Although the talent was always there, Woozi really gained mainstream attention after he served as a songwriter for the song “Downpour” by I.O.I. The song was released in 2017, and it became an instant hit. And not just in the fandom but outside it too. It got so popular that the money Woozi made from Downpour shocked him, which he admitted in an interview later on. 

To Wrap Up

If you are a new Seventeen fan, then these facts are must-know. And even if you are an old fan, there’s nothing wrong with refreshing your memory. 

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