9 Things You Should Know About Kdramas

As more and more people have been accessing the internet, entertainment fans continue to explore a sea of intriguing Korean TV shows and movies. It goes without saying that anyone watching a Kdrama will instantly get hooked and perhaps buy Kdrama merch! Viewers have been able to get a glimpse of the amazing culture and lifestyle of South Korea, and witness the incredible fashion and talent that shines throughout. If you are just beginning to explore Kdramas, here are 9 things that will fascinate you:

  1. Korean TV shows are what’s popularly known as Kdramas. A typical season will have up to 30 episodes.
  1. Some of the popular types of Kdramas include:
  • Melodrama
  • Rom-Com
  • Sageuk (Historical drama)
  • Fusion Sageuk (Historical drama mixed with modern or fantasy elements)
  • Makjang (Exaggerated melodrama)
  • Misaeng (Workplace drama)
  1. Some Kdramas and sitcoms can go as long as 50 to 100 episodes! These are often called dailies.
  1. Kdramas are usually censored or closely monitored to ensure that it is appropriate for family viewing. Even though there are shows that depict love stories, you're not going to see any obscene content in them. Kdramas and their characters have a huge fan-following, and people buy Kdrama merch to show their support.
  1. If you are just beginning to watch Kdrama, don’t try and spend too much time understanding the language. Even though the subtitles aren’t literal translations of the conversations in a show, you will get the general idea of the scene/story. Some of the cast dialogues are usually old Korean sayings, which cannot be directly translated into a different language. Just follow the subtitle and you will certainly love the show.
  1. Kdramas are popular for their humour content. Even though it is called Korean ‘drama’, it doesn’t fall short on hilarity. The shows are essentially a mixture of drama and humour, so you are sure to be entertained. Being able to strike a balance between light humour and drama is not an easy thing, but Kdramas do it flawlessly.
  1. Another highlight of Kdramas is the memorable characters. Some characters are just lovely and likeable. A number of Kdramas include two primary need characters (male/female) and two secondary characters (male/female)
  1. Strong female representation is another highlight of Kdramas. Various Korean TV shows have female actors portraying great characters such as lawyers, doctors, and the like. Fans of these characters buy Kdrama merchandise quite often.
  1. Fashion and money get huge recognition in Kdramas. In fact, there are many people out there who watch Koren TV shows for fashion inspiration. Certain fans who love the stylish outfits worn by their favourite celebrities go ahead and purchase Korean drama merchandise offered by an online shop.

A wide array of Korean TV shows and movies are waiting for you to entertain! There’s one for everyone, and Kdramas will not disappoint.