A Beginner’s Guide To Online K-pop Merchandise Shopping

When it comes to showing support for your favorite K-pop group or idols, fans are ready to do a lot more than streaming their favorite music and buying the much-awaited albums. A lot of them long to collect the merchandise of their favorite K-pop idol and band.

K-pop merchandise is making a craze in the online community of buyers, as more and more online people are giving tall orders for these products. With that being said, online scamming is no joke and unfortunately k-pop merchandise collectors are increasingly being conned.

Therefore, we are here to share some tips to protect you from  K-pop merch scammers.

Do Proper Research

When it comes to any kind of online buying, research should be at the top of the list. Before making a hasty online purchase, talk to other K-pop merchandise collectors.

Ask them if they have heard about the shop and what their thoughts are about it. It is also vital to read the reviews on the site and if possible should also try contacting the reviewers. 

Research further includes checking the social media accounts and observing the site’s ongoing group order. Make sure if the group orders are on a pre-order basis or monthly batch. Take your time scrolling down their social media feed and if it is a group order, make sure to ask for proofs and updates.

 Check And Compare The Prices

Although it is super tempting to see glitzy merch with your favorite idols branded on it, you should not be too eager to add it to your cart. Scammers play on people’s weaknesses, thus they usually charge overpriced.

Scammers would also put unreasonably low prices on their products just to attract buyers. Thus, you should neither be swayed by the gleaming picture nor get fooled by extremely low costs. Instead, you should get yourself a clearer idea by searching the same products in different shops and comparing their prices.

If you do not have people around you who share your merchandise passion, do not worry. K-pop has an exceedingly big fan following, so you would not have trouble finding active social media groups. Join the groups and talk to the members about the authentic stores and fair pricing.

Authentic online shops encourage their customers to give reviews by adding hashtags to their social media posts. Hence, you can also search for honest feedback from real customers simply by searching the hashtag.

 Start-Ups Are Not Necessarily The Red Flags

Although it is best to shop from well-known online sellers, you should not limit your options if your desired product has gone out of stock from big sites. Keep in mind that even the most popular K-pop merchandise store was once a start-up

Thus, start-ups are not your no-go zone. That said, while shopping from inexperienced sellers, you must proceed with extra caution.

If the start-up is relatively newer, not many people would know about them, so they might not have any reviews. So if you find sufficient reviews on the site, take it as a red flag.

Choose K-pop Merchandise Online

We hope you will consider these tips before buying any K-pop Merchandise. However, it is fair if your lifestyle cannot afford to invest so much thought in a purchase. You can skip the hustle by choosing only the registered sites or those that are tried and tested by numerous fans.

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