Baskin-Robbins warns it will take legal action after BTS’s ad is leaked online

Baskin-Robbins has reported that it might make lawful move because of the break of BTS's unreleased business.

On July 17, Baskin-Robbins Korea discharged an official proclamation on its Twitter account after BTS's up and coming business for the brand was released on the web.

The organization's full explanation read:

"We are making a declaration to the numerous individuals who are anticipating seeing Baskin-Robbins and BTS meet up. The business video that is right now being spread via web-based networking media isn't the finished edition, and it is an incomplete video. The individual spreading [the video] might be considered legitimately dependable, and we trust that you will forgo spreading or sharing it until the official video is discharged.

In any case, the declaration drew analysis from some of BTS's fans, who griped that the announcement had all the earmarks of being aimed at fans, despite the fact that there was no proof that it was a fan who had released the business. In a matter of seconds thereafter, Baskin-Robbins Korea erased the tweet.

Prior this month, Baskin-Robbins authoritatively reported that BTS had been picked as the most recent spokesmodel for the brand, expressing, "BTS will advance our new frozen yogurt that will be discharged one month from now through recordings and photograph shoots. We will disclose the advertisements one month from now through TV and online networking."

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