Create a K-Drama Corner at Home with Ease

From Legend of the Blue Sea Octopus plush toys to Strong Woman Do Bong hoodies, there are a wide array of branded goods that make K-drama fans spend a few dollars in a year to represent their favourite K-drama. Yes, one of the greatest achievements of the fans of K-drama is to buy official kdrama merch. But the joy doesn’t end there! The ultimate happiness is in successfully organising them. Here we’ve listed a few helpful and essential tips to successfully organise your kdrama merchandise in that corner of your home.

K-drama Albums

Buying a K-drama album is an exciting and fun-filled experience. You have spent a considerable amount of time buying each one of them as they aren’t available at a cheap price. So, if you have a lot of K-drama albums, you tend to be protective, especially if they are fragile. These albums are truly precious for any K-drama fan. So, organise the k-drama albums according to your favourite artists. Neatly align the albums in your K-drama corner either on top of one another or side by side vertically. Also, consider the designs, size, colours, and the year of the release of the albums to arrange them neatly in your K-drama corner. Don’t just put them in your K-drama corner without thinking.

Adorable Toys

K-drama series have their own stuffed and plush toys that are super cute. A real K-drama fan can’t resist the urge of buying one. Whether it be My Girl Friend is a Nine-tailed Fox Chicken Leg plush toy or Tale of the Nine-tailed doll, they represent different characters. They have a theme and even have clothes matching the K-drama dolls. You can put these toys on your bedside or arrange them in the corner of your room, as you desire. You can even make use of the secure shelves in your K-drama corner to make them as a cute display piece in your room. If the toys have extra clothes or accessories, keep them secure in a box or a bag. You can also display them on mini hangers and clips for a more artistic look.

K-drama Posters

K-drama posters are the must-have Korean drama merchandise of any K-drama fan. When you purchase K-drama posters, they are delivered to you either folder or in a tube. One of the best options to store K-drama posters is to keep them in tubes. It prevents fold marks. But, what’s the point in keeping them forever in a box or tubes? After all, they are posters and must be pasted somewhere for a display. Paste these posters on the surrounding walls of the K-drama corners for a creative look. While pasting the posters, make sure that you are using tapes that will not damage your K-drama posters.

Creating your own K-drama corner at your home is a beautiful experience! Start buying your favourite kdrama merch and organise them skilfully to create a unique and captivating look.