Different Types of Light Sticks You Can Buy From Kpop Store

A light stick is an important concert accessory for any K-pop enthusiast, and there's nothing quite like waving one along to your favorite music with thousands of other like-minded fans. But what do you do with that bulky, costly glowing wand if you aren't lucky enough to be able to use it at a concert in support of your favorite artist? It's time to dust off your light stick if it's been sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

What is a light stick?

The light sticks are LED sticks, which resemble a cross between a magical girl anime wand and a beefed-up flashlight, are powered by AAA batteries, have Bluetooth capabilities, and have earned the hearts of thousands of adoring fans. They not only describe the idols' group identity, but also the culture that surrounds them. Kpop Store offers different types of light sticks to the fans.

What is the composition of a light stick?

It is possible to say that the light stick’s forerunners were colored balloons, followed by silicone sticks with a bulb that could be flexed to wear on the hand. Light sticks were later manufactured in a more modern and sophisticated manner as technology advanced. Strong plastic, crystal, glass, and other materials are now widely used, depending on the nature of each light stick. As a result, the price of each light stick differs significantly.

Where can I get some light sticks?

Typically, fans would have to order light sticks from the Kpop online shop. Since the amount of light sticks available is less and the price is little expensive, purchasing these light sticks from Kpop merchandise is difficult.

Different types of light sticks

light stick EXO - Eri Bong

The Eri Bong has a long cylindrical handle with the group's logo emblazoned above it. It's known as the "chameleon" of the world of light sticks. As fans scan tickets or Eri Bong at an EXO concert, the device will automatically detect your location and switch on the required EXO light stick to produce lovely, harmonious colors.

Light stick BlackPink - Hammer Bong

The light stick from BlackPink is shaped like a toy hammer and comes in two distinct colors: pink and black. The funny "squeak" sound you can create with this light stick, just like a toy hammer, is what attracts fans, not the presence of the Hammer Bong. This is a product that was created by the BlackPink girls themselves.

Light stick BTS - ARMY Bomb

The light stick from BTS is simple but striking, with a white spherical design with BTS inlays above and a black back. The Big Hit's desire to conquer the world is symbolized by this BTS symbol. Users can now connect to Bluetooth and change the color of the lights with the latest version of the BTS light stick. You can buy them from Kpop Store.

Light stick BIG BANG - Bangbong

The key design of Bigbang light sticks has remained the crown, which symbolizes strength and "luxury." The Big Bang light stick is one of the most well-known light sticks in Kpop.