How is the Kpop fashion culture sweeping young people?

Korean pop groups, whose stars are known as idols, have broken their borders and triumphed around the globe, especially among young people. The role of social media in this success is pivotal. Whether it is Ateez merch or Astra merch, more and more youngsters tend to buy these merchandise to express their love for their favorite bands.

Dynamite, the latest remix from the BTS, is one of the most famous in the Kpop genre. It has broken several Guinness records, including the most viewed video in the first 24 hours of its launch in 2020. In addition, it is the most viewed Korean pop group on YouTube; and a top spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Tremendous repercussion has not been limited only to the music world; the followers also imitate the fashion and style of these idols. Thus, K-Pop has gone from being a musical genre and a mass phenomenon to a way of dressing.

Brand Idols

At the end of 2019, predicted the key possible fashion and style trends in 2020. They considered K-Pop, mentioning that various aspects of this genre appeared in fashion shows and events.

The luxury, urban, and sports fashion brands accept K-pop. And the voice they generated in social media networks reveals the popularity of these collaborations.

Ralph Lauren had dressed the BTS members for a photoshoot for the cover of the Japanese edition of GQ magazine in October 2020. The photos shared by the firm on its Instagram exceed several tens of thousands of likes.

It is not the first time that the famous Kpopers of the different prominent bands wear brand names: Gucci, Bottega, Supreme, Nerdy, Chanel, etc.

Fashion without Gender

The most famous K-pop idols are also considered trendsetters. As followers around the world imitate their style when dressing, K-pop idols are perceived to be creators of trends. And they have given rise to various fashion trends. Some trends are absolutely disruptive with gender roles and aesthetics, traditionally associated with the feminine and masculine.

The whole urban tribe in South Korea has reinvented the meaning of “flower boys” which created a certain trend among boys. This trend led boys to take care of their image with makeup, pastel tones, androgynous appearance, or clothes usually considered for women. This trend spread out at a fast pace, irrespective of their sexual orientation, and without ceasing to be men.

For example, BTS members wore outfits from a feminine collection of Gucci, including concept photos from the “Map of the Soul: Persona” album.  One of its members, V, sometimes uses handbags, as do other figures, such as EXO's Kai. In addition, the group has announced the collection of genderless shirts, unisex garments by System.

Kim Heechul of the band Super Junior also has a show, Lipstick Prince, where he teaches that male makeup is completely valid.

Likewise, idols of female K-pop bands often choose to wear suits, often considered men's. This is the case of the girls from IZ * ONE or the girl band AOA.

K-pop Trends

A fact is that genderless is not the only trend inspired by K-pop and its trendsetters. This aspect has had many influences on not only Korean fashion and beauty, but on the rest of the world.

For example, military boots, recurring in BTS's Jungkook, have become fashionable again, and even Korean girls combine them with midi dresses. This is another very fashionable garment, consisting of comfortable midi dresses, inside and outside of Korea.

The main vocalist of this band also loves baggy sweatshirts and pants, plaid shirts, or black T-shirts.

Berets, baseball caps, bucket hats, barrettes and hairpins, bangs and hair extensions, and hair dyeing are other trends inspired by Kpop.

In colors, on the one hand, the recurring pastel tones are carried. The most prominent colors include white, light blue, pink, cream, lemon yellow, melon green, fuchsia, and other shining colors.

Bottom Line

Through social networks, these trends born in South Korea are making their way. However, the role of online stores is also prominent in giving rise to Kpop fashion trends. Kpop Merchandise Online offers a great variety of kpop cheap merch, kpop fashion outfits, and other kpop accessories to kpop lovers. Visit our Official Ateez Merch right now!