How K-pop Toppled Asian Stereotypes?

In 2018, a South Korean boy band called BTS topped the Billboard 200 chart with their exceptionally phenomenal third album, i.e., Love Yourself: Tear.  A week before this victory, BTS broke the record of the most coveted Hollywood singers, Justin Beiber and Ariana Grande!

So how did K-pop become a sensation in the Western world, and what did they do right to deserve all of this. This blog will throw some insights.

Korean Stereotyped By Hollywood

For years, Americans thought of South Koreans as merely a bunch of cunning Asians plotting against the West.  Hollywood played an integral role in solidifying that stereotype. They made South Korea look like a tension-fraught democratic that constantly fights with their neighboring state, North Korea.

However, ever since K-pop surfaced, the world could not help appreciating South Koreans’ talent and fashion sense. In recent years, the popularity of K-pop has spread more across all Western borders, and thus, Americans found themselves breaking the stereotypes that they had been curating for years.

A New Definition Of Aesthetic

K-pop is not the only Korean music form, but it distinguishes itself from others by embracing a particular style. Most K-pop groups trace their origins to the early 1990s. However, the genre itself came into being between the 2000s and 2010s. Initially, the reigning bands were Wonder Girls, TVXQ, BoA, and 2NE1. These bands became hugely popular in Asia and beyond.

Although the world sees K-pop as a bunch of perfect-looking Asians showing off their dance movies and magnetic vocals, Korean youngsters see K-pop in a very different light. For Korean youth, K-pop idols are the ideal representation of themselves, and for Korean leaders, K-pop is the symbol of a promising future.

A Magnetic Appeal

Not too long ago, most Americans could hardly name a couple of K-pop idols and groups. Many people were unaware of K-pop’s existence until “Gangnam Style” became a global hit. Gangnam Style was an irony to the simple lifestyle of Gangnam, a super-wealthy area in Seoul.

The song exposed Westerners to the skillful parody of K-pop idols. It presented the infallible tongue-in-cheek performance that gives off authentic vibes of exoticism. That said, only after a few years people began to forget the song, and soon it became a part of history.

Then Came The BTS Fervor!

BTS is a super hit K-pop boy band that has cast such a potent spell that Westerners cannot help to get enough of it.

Series of researches have revealed that Westerners had always seen Asians as bland imitates of themselves. They assign them negative traits of materialism and cutthroat capitalism.

However, unlike most Korean bands, K-pop is not just about perfecting choreography and excessive self-grooming. If you listen to the lyrics carefully, you will be stunned by how much it is directed towards perfecting your inner self. Especially BTS have been spreading profound messages via their music.

Furthermore, K-pop has successfully cultivated a strong community through its social media. They let their fandom have a sneak peek into their personal lives. They also use their platforms to express their deepest sentiments and talk about the issues pertinent to teens, like body image and mental health.

Showcase Your Loyalty To K-pop

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