How Much Fandom Support Means To The Idols

K-pop has significantly taken the music industry by storm. A few years ago, k-music was only known by a few people outside Korea. As time progressed and music preferences started to change, kpop was introduced in various countries outside of Korea as well.

Due to the undying efforts of Korean idols and musicians, people started to notice them. Their excellent choreography and voices took the hearts of many. Additionally, their unique clothing style and colourful hair was something attractive to the fans as well.

Its seen that kpop idols and girl and boy bands give extreme importance to their fandom. They love all the love showered upon them by the new generation of teens and even adults.

Your Support is Their Growth:

When people support their favourite bands by investing in their concerts, creating a social media presence or buying their merchandise, it allows the band to grow their roots further. Posting about the band in various platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and some widely available Korean apps emphasizes their presence.

Elevated Competition in Music:

We see a lot of competition among the similar gender music bands in korean music industry. Not just that, boy and girl bands are also in a constant competition with each other. As the tussle for fame grows among these groups, it becomes the responsibility of fans to help them win the race against other music bands.

A great way to do that is by staying updated on any news featuring their favorite bands. Once the fans show engagement on different kpop platforms and ensure voting for the band they support, it becomes likely for them to succeed. They get noticed in comparison to other highly competitive bands which opens the doors to fame for them.

International Popularity:

As kpop transfuses throughout the West and East and spreads its roots all over, an increased responsibility lies on the shoulders of every fandom. It is important for each boy and girl group to prove them worthy over the other bands.

They start working hard and elevate the quality of their music, lyrics, choreography and music-video concepts. This is essential to ensure that fans across the border are able to appreciate their work and find a distinction when compared to other competitors.

Social Media Presence:

There’s this culture happening in kpop where fans make imitation accounts of their idols. They hide their own identity and act as if the celebrity or musician they are imitating. As reality shows become common in kpop, fans are able to familiarize themselves with the personality and nature of various public figures. Due to an increasing influence of this culture, fans are able to successfully run these type of social media presence.

Additionally, fan groups are a good source of fame for bands as well. A lot of newbies that come in kpop who would otherwise have turned their back on their short-lived interest in kpop become die-hard fans after browsing through these pages.

Love for Fandom:

When idols see how much work and efforts are being put in by their fans in their growth and popularity, they feel a sense of attachment to their fandom. Requests flow in from fans for live sessions, reality shows and individual song covers and they are, in most cases heard and implemented.

A great deal of appreciation comes when fans are seen wearing tees, hoodies and other merchandise from a kpop merch shop, that markets their idols and bands. It is not only a source showing love from fans but also makes the corresponding idols happy.

Fans Form the Trend:

While a Korean band may be working day and night practicing their dance steps and rehearsing their songs or lines for a k-drama, fans are the ones setting individual trends. They build a contrasting identity for a particular music band. When fans post and connect with each other to discuss music and art, a trend is set unexpectedly.

From social media presence to dress codes and band-specific lightbulbs during concerts, a trend is set by which that band is identified.

As a whole, it is a given that support from idols is highly appreciated and loved by idols. Sending gifts to your favourite idols to buying their merchandise from a kpop merch store is all a part of the support system fans create for their kpop stars. If you are looking for kpop  realted merchandise in affordable price, try us!