June 2020 Kpop Boy Band Ranking

The Korean Business Research Institute has uncovered the current month's rankings for male idol banks!

The rankings were resolved through an investigation of the shopper cooperation, media inclusion, communication, and network files of different kid gatherings, utilizing enormous information gathered from June 9 to July 10.

BTS beat the rundown for the 26th back to back month with a brand notoriety list of 9,596,339, denoting a 12.07 percent expansion in their score since June. High-positioning expressions in the gathering's watchword investigation included "Bulletin," "YouTube," and "collection," while their most elevated positioning-related terms included "record," "outperform," and "partake." BTS's inspiration pessimism examination uncovered a score of 80.13 per cent positive responses.

SEVENTEEN rose to second place in the current month's rankings in the wake of getting a charge out of an amazing 71.52 percent ascend in their image notoriety file since June. The gathering scored an absolute record of 3,658,069 for the month.

At long last, EXO clutched their spot at third spot with a brand notoriety file of 2,525,362 for July, while NCT and ASTRO balanced the best five at fourth and fifth places individually.

Look at the main 30 during the current month beneath!

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  1. BTS
  3. EXO
  4. NCT
  5. ASTRO
  6. ONF
  7. NU’EST
  8. Super Junior
  9. SF9
  10. SHINee
  11. Golden Child
  12. WINNER
  13. TXT
  14. Stray Kids
  15. The Boyz
  16. MONSTA X
  17. AB6IX
  20. TVXQ
  21. GreatGuys
  22. VIXX
  23. BTOB
  25. Teen Top
  27. GOT7
  28. 2PM
  30. VICTON