Key Fashion Trends in the K-POP World

Gone are the days when the shine silhouette and the sober tones permeated some of the most varied costumes of MVs. Kpop has increasingly become a showcase for the trends of recent times. Korea has separated some of the darling trends of Kpop (Korean Pop) idols that have become present on stage and in music videos. The Kpop genre of popular music as a striking medley originated from South Korea. Kpop culture also led its fans to have a look of their favorite music artists. Now, fans tend to have a variety of merchandise; thus, they often visit BTS and Astro Kpop official merchandise stores, just a few examples here.

The Kpop genre of popular music is highly influenced by various music genres used globally. Top of the list, which influenced traditional Korean music, includes rock, jazz, folk, classical, gospel, electronic dance, and others.

The world of K-pop is wonderful, and it is always filled with the most fantast music videos. Those videos influence the fashion world because of the songs with upbeat tempos and stylish choreographic moves. They shed light on stunning outfits.

Look at the key fashion trends in the Kpop world:

Cowboy Glam

This trend has spread to runways and Instagram feeds. Magazine covers and even more traditional brands like Dior emphasizes this fashion, which has long existed in the West. Cowboy boots, wide-brimmed hats, and the famous fringes that adorn jackets are the pillars of Cowboy style. In recent times, this style has made the minds of many artists and young people. In Kpop, this style comes with a more vibrant feel, with vibrant shades, sparkles, and metallic tones. And all these give more fun and modern look to the classic that was popularly known in Western movies.

Utilitarian Fashion

It is a wrong concept if you think that fashion and functionality do not go together. This style proves this fact. Inspired by military clothing, this fashion is quite common in streetwear. With a squarer, straighter silhouette, it has had its moment within Kpop, with groups like Stray Kids and Super M. A denim version, for example, makes use of this fashion that, like the music beats and rhythm, joins a generation that loves dance.


From the bell bottom pants to the shiny silhouette of a red jumpsuit, the Disco is a trend influenced the music area. Kpop embraced such a fashion that MV's did not brought as the main reference of fashion. Whether in the most discreet form or the exaggeration of shine in accessories to platform heels, John Travolta glorified this trend. Travolta appeared on the dance floor with classic disco style in his movie “Saturday Night Fever” released in1977.


As a movement that worships a simple life concept, Cottagecore brings in its fashion softer tones, focused on palettes within beige. Teenagers and young adults celebrating an idealized rural life made Cottagecore famous as a fashion aesthetic worldwide. The empire silhouette (popular in the late 18th century) is also becoming popular with dress models. The models use prints, such as plaid and florals, to bring out the romantic environment of the rural area. This style heavily emphasizes a perfect blend of rural self-sufficiency and delicate décor. This style gave rise to the modern rural fantasy. Recently, this fashion style has slowly become the key trends and highly noticeable aesthetic.

Hat - A Revived Classic

Hat is the icon of fashion, which is being reinterpreted and becomes a symbol of style and personality now. It is gaining a prominent place on the national and international catwalks of top fashion brands. Therefore, it is becoming a fundamental piece of style worldwide. Make your looks and appearance influential by adopting this revived classic style.


It requires minimal effort, but the impact is maximum. Monochromatic is one of the great fashion trends of recent times. The sharpness and cleanliness of the looks contrast perfectly with the more dramatic scenarios of the MVs. With a wider silhouette, whether it is a suit or a set with a skirt, the style combines an easy look. Therefore, this style allows for a play with textures, details, and often prints.

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