Shopping for Kpop Merch Online? Here are 5 Signs of Scam

The explosive growth of Kpop in the recent times is quite evident with the idols breaking records on the internet and dominating the charts everywhere. Music fans are rightfully addicted to everything Kpop, which is why we do see various Kpop shop selling high quality merch at great prices. But this is also an opportunity for fraudsters to steal money off unsuspecting customers. To make sure you don't fall prey to scams, look out for the following signs when you are shopping for Kpop merch online.

The Website Address looks Suspicious:

One of the very first red flags you would notice is that the web address has certain inconsistencies. It doesn't have a proper name, and all you would see is some weird arrangement of words that doesn’t really make sense. Another sign is that the content you find on the web page won’t necessarily match with the URL you click. For instance, if the URL tells that it sells dresses, but you see only a bunch of dog food products on the site, that’s obviously misleading.

Speaking of URL, make sure it includes “https” in the address, instead of “http”. The former ensures that the connection is secure and your information is protected.

Selling Products at Dirt Cheap Prices:

If you see that the products are listed at prices that are too good to be true, you probably have to double check everything about the website before you make a purchase. Not every Kpop shop that sells products at impressive prices is scam, but a little bit of research on Google can help.

Payment Methods are Not Secure:

Credit and debit cards usually account for a large portion of online transactions. Even though web stores allow you to save your payment details for convenience, it is usually advisable not to do so. The card information you enter and save could be stolen by scammers, after which they can use it to make unauthorised transactions online. Some websites can also sell your credit card details to third parties! To avoid this situation, make sure all the transactions you make on a Kpop store is verified and processed through a secure payment gateway.

Including a Fake Trust Badge:

In an attempt to attract and convince online visitors, fraudulent websites will include what is known as trust badges. It is a representation of the quality and integrity of the service, but not all trust badges are real. When you see some sort of badge on the website, do a background research before shopping. If the link within the badge redirects you to the provider’s website, the shop is trustworthy.

Unclear Terms & Conditions:

If you see that the Terms & Conditions section on the website is copied or unclear, you should be a bit vigilant about it. Scammers are getting more skilled in creating phony terms and policies, so be sure to watch out for other red flags mentioned above.

Analyse thoroughly and ensure that the store is legit when shopping for Kpop merchandise. If you find a fraudulent seller, make no second thoughts and report them to the relevant authorities immediately.