Some Korean Bands For K-pop Newbies

A great deal of work and sweat goes by idols in creating their distinct identity among the fans and then using it to increase their popularity. Korean population have always loved and appreciated their own music over any other language.

Due to the mass support and love from the locals, Korean bands gained confidence and their popularity escalated to other regions as well. With the presence of good local engagement on their art and music, Korean bands started improving their work and added more potential for a better outcome. As a result of their hard work on music, lyrics and choreography, their objective for international fame became successful.

People from outside Korea started to notice these brands and become a part of the kpop music band fandoms. News flew from one person to the other as a result of wanting to share good music with friends and colleagues. This followed an upsurge in growth of bands on an international level and various newbies crawling their way into the cluster.

1. BTS:

Bulletproof boy scouts is commonly recognized by the name BTS by fans and others. They are the most well-known Korean band internationally. Fairly enough too; because their music content and quality of work is great.

They are seven boys with amazing vocal skills. Their dance steps are quick and swift and unlike any other. They are generally recognized due to the cute gestures and personalities of each member. Each one of them have a distinct and unique stage name, one of them being a single alphabet only. If you are new to Korean music and are looking for a good boy band to listen to, you won’t regret trying them out. In fact, once you dive in, you may find it hard to let go.

2. EXO:

The word EXO stems from the word exoplanet. Exoplanet is a planet that exists outside of the solar system. The concept was to bring together a group of boys who make good quality music together such that it will be recognized on a wider scale.

Exo is a boy band of twelve members as a whole but is further divided into two subgroups, one for Korea and another for China. The band produces music in both languages. The beauty about their music is that the same song is developed in Korean as well as Mandarin.


Blackpink is a girl band that has stood side by side with the most popular boy bands. They have earned the love and respect from fans due to their bold approach towards songs.

It’s a group of four extremely talented and gorgeous girls who have stolen hearts with songs like ‘How You Like It’ and ‘Ice Cream’.

4. Red Velvet:

Listening to Red Velvet will give you all flavours. The distinct personality of each girl member of the group add a nice touch of sweet and sour, soft and valiant. Distinct flavours are found in the personalities of all girl members. Their songs also mirror their personalities and have been a hit due to their unique and new concepts. A lot of their songs have English versions as well, opening the doors to views and understandability to a whole new array of population.

5. SHINee:

If you want a touch of the k-pop history and an image of the era when kpop was still in its developmental stages, SHINee is the band to listen to. The band was created back in 2008, featuring a group of five cute boys. Some of their songs will bring you back to your high-school memories with the old-school love affair scenarios. Some may make you cry the tears of loss or sadness. They unexpectedly lost one of their members in 2017 after his death but they did not give up and kept making good music, appealing the ears of those who know how to appreciate good music.

Conclusively, any k-pop newbie excited to try out new Korean music should give all of the above mentioned bands a try. If you are someone who appreciates diversity in music then you will end up loving at least one of these bands. Once you are a fan and are looking for a kpop store to buy merchandise for your favorite band, you can find everything on our website. Jackets, tees and hoodies with pictures of your favorite idol can also be easily found at a kpop clothing store like us.