Ten Reasons for International Popularity of Korean Entertainment Industry

Ten Reasons for International Popularity of Korean Entertainment Industry

Korean entertainment doesn’t hold the same meaning as old times anymore. In fact, we may not even have heard of it ten years ago. Although today, Korean industry has set up a strong base and spread its roots throughout the world.

The popularity isn’t limited to Asian countries but has reached the West and won over teens and adults there as well. It happened very suddenly and expectedly. Today, we hear the name of different Korean girl and boy bands on the lips of kids and teens in every nook and corner.


Below we mention some of the reasons that brought a sudden surge of international recognition for Korean entertainment industry.

1. Diverse Music:

Korean pop introduced the idea in which music is understood beyond any language barriers. Many fans, despite not understanding the lyrics of the songs, appreciate their music. This is because of the background instrumental work they put in into their songs.


Beatboxing and rapping provided a sense of connection for the audience without feeling the need to connect with the actual lyrics. Good beats, patterns and music layouts have immensely contributed to diversity and growth of Korean music internationally.

2. Chick flicks:

Korean dramas, also called as ‘K-dramas’ are becoming widely known among teens and younger generations. This age group is going through a phase of heartbreaks and love affairs. Due to a similar element in most k-dramas, young adults and teenagers have developed a liking towards them. Some have meaningful concepts and historical details with a touch of humor as well but Korean writers are known to have the abillity to add the element of chick flick and comedy in each genrel.

3. Reality shows:

Reality shows featuring either Korean musicians or actors are being watched by fans. When they see their favorite idols in their original character outside of a movie, drama or music video, they feel a sense of familiarity.

Another influence of these reality shows is how they allow audience to become a part of the show. This strategy has highly worked in favour of Korean entertainment industry by contributing to its international recognition.

4. Excellent Choreography:

Boy and girl members in Korean bands are expected to be multi-talented. Not only does the eligibility criteria requires beautiful vocals, all musicians are expected to know the art of dancing as well.

The quick dance flexes and swift motions have melted the hearts of many and become another reason for their growing fame.

5. Emphasis on conceptual music videos:

Korean music industries emphasize on adding the touch of concept and detail to their content. Not only do music videos contain music and choreo but also a great hidden concept, which may be mystery, history and even an alternate universe in some cases is added to make them more interesting.

6. Interactive platforms for fans:

Various websites are specifically designed for Korean fans where poles and other engaging activities take place. Fans interact with each other and make new friends with similar interests. They promote their favourite idols or music bands by voting for them. Such platforms contributed to increased growth of music bands on international level by connecting fans from various countries.

7. Fanfictions:

Some websites are specifically designed for Korean-related fan fictions. Many of these are easily available and readily accessible to all age groups after providing simple sign-in information.

8. Unique Fashion:

Korean idols are known for their unique fashion style. Colorful and shimmery jackets, sequins and leather, cotton and jacquard. No clothing material is considered gender-specific. Boys and girls are seen wearing all kinds of clothing.

Fans actively follow their fashion choices, be it airport fashion or tacky music video fashion, it is all loved and imitated. They also buy merch related to their favourite music bands or k-dramas. Stray kids official goods and other musical band related merchandise could be found on our website.

9. Fandom Cultures:

Not only are the idols supported by fans, the idols show similar love and affection for their fans as well. They create various groups for their fandom and share live music videos.

A fandom culture is created when the whole fanbase for a particular band or idol unite to support their stars by using various symbolic notions and following social media tags.

10. Merchandise and Props:

Korean pop and drama fans love to wear t-shirts, hoodies and other clothing with pictures of their idol or words quoting them or containing names of music bands. They also like to own mugs and other small objects like pens and notebooks featuring k-pop stars.

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