Timeless K-Pop Songs

 The South Korean music industry has gained the respect and popularity it truly deserves in the past few years. With K-pop becoming famous internationally, the industry has managed to keep fans hooked and in love. The ever-changing styles, the perfect choreography, talented singers, and lyrics that touch our hearts are the reason why all the fans are so crazy about it.

From solo singers to bands, from BTS to Black pink, From Girl’s Generation to TXT, the fans cheer for all. The songs and the lyrics never fail to amaze us. With so many hits and newly released songs, many K-pop songs still live in fans’ hearts, minds, and playlists.

 Here’s a list of some timeless K-pop songs that we all love going back to.

Fire - BTS

We all love the seven-membered band BTS. With their beautiful faces, crazy dance moves, and heart-touching lyrics, they have taken the world by storm. One such song by BTS is Fire. It is considered timeless because the music is real and raw, the lyrics are top-tier, and it’s impossible to forget the mad dance skills these boys performed in the music video

 Mansae - Seventeen

Mansae by Seventeen is one of those songs that you can never forget. The song paved the way for the new generation of K-pop stars and fans. Not only that, it is perfect to listen to for almost every occasion. The upbeat and high-energy music will always put you in a better mood.

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 Into The New World - Girls’ Generation

Girl’s Generation is one of the top-liked bands of K-pop. They are a breath of fresh air for many. Their trendy and chic hairstyles combined with exceptional outfits and fantastic dance moves make them much more attractive.

Into the world by the Girls’ Generation is one of their most popular songs. Plus, we all remember the time when it became the song of the nation!

Good Boy - Taeyang & G-Dragon

Released in November 2014 by the Big Bang members, Good boy is still one of their most played songs. It was the biggest duo hit of the K-pop music industry, and we all can agree that it deserved this title.

 A funky music video combined with two of the best K-pop singers, the song was bound to capture our hearts forever. It is hard to listen to this song and not feel like you are actually in it. That is what makes it enchanting and enjoyable!

Wedding Dress - Taeyang

Wedding dress is one of those songs that are there for you during your hard days, the song that lets you sit in your moment and provides you with comforting support. It is one of the most praised songs by Taeyang. Not only that, it gained international recognition quite soon after its release.

 The lyrics of this song just hit differently. Even international fans who can’t really understand the lyrics completely love it just the way it is.

 The Korean music industry is filled with such amazing songs that fans love the industry with all their hearts. Fans all over the world support K-pop by attending concerts, helping in the charting of songs, and buying merch.

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