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These cute pendants can be tied to anything!

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Isn't it amazing to finally have Official BT21 Merch that doesn't carry a ridiculously high price tag? We couldn't agree more. Kpop Merchandise Online is dedicated to delivering Official BT21 merchandise online that is both affordable but of good quality. Our Official BT21 merch range includes this product but also includes other Official BT21 hoodies, Official BT21 Jumpers, Official BT21 Keychains, Official BT21 Earrings, Official BT21 Photocards, Official BT21 wallpapers, Official BT21 Posters, Official BT21 bottles and if you don't see the Official BT21 merch product that you want, use the contact form to reach out to us and we'll add it to our Official BT21 merch range just for you!

Make sure to check out the individual BT21 member merchandise as well before placing your order. We know that it is very hard to choose just one bias because they're all absolutely adorable however if you've been living under a rock, let us give you a brief intro of who they are.

The group called Official BT21 but from Bangtan Boys is a seven member South Korean boyband that has helped to transform the Official Kpop industry. The leader and only fluently English speaking member of this iconic group is Rap Monster, also known as Kim Nam Joon. We absolutely adore him and in particular the rap monster mixtape (both the first and second) were amazing to hear and vibe too. The oldest member, who acts like the youngest is Official membes arer Jin, the full name Kim Seokjin who has the most iconic laugh. There is also the dance machine J-Hope, or Jung Ho Seok who also released the album Hope World which was an instant hit. There is also Min Yoongi or SUGA or Agust D who is a strong rapper in the group. The 95 line V, also known as Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin who are the other members who share the same birth year. Finally, there is the golden maknae or the youngest Official member Jeon Jungkook, who is the lead vocalist.

We also stock a variety of Official BT21 merchandise for all the Official BT21 fans out there including Official BT21 plushies, Official BT21 wallpapers, Official BT21 Cases, Official BT21 Backpacks and much more! Official BT21 members include Koya, RJ, Shooky, Cooky, Tata, Chimchim, Mang and Van. These characters were created by the Official BT21 members as part of the show Official BT21 Run and have taken off to become one of the most amazing LINE characters in the world. As such, we stocked the Official BT21 merch to let everyone show how much they love them through their Kpop accessories & Kpop clothing.

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None of our BT21 merch is official. You should always purchase official BT21 merchandise on the actual site of the entertainment company. However, if you're looking for cute, trendy and affordable merchandise, you've come to the right place