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Our Story

Kpop Merchandise Online is a Kpop Store that contains a lot of kpop merch, kpop clothes, kpop accessories, and amazing surprises loved by amazing kpop followers and lovers of kpop culture across the globe.

Kpop Merchandise Online is your one stop kpop store for kpop merch. We are a custom Kpop Shop for kpop fashion. You can buy Bts merchBlackpink merchEXO merchStray kids merchMamamoo merchMonsta X merch and many more

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Our Achievements

In our first two years, we have become the #1 top seller on Amazon. Furthermore we have become the top result on Google search for IU kpop merchandise.

We take the risk out of your purchase with a money-back guarantee, and prices you can't refuse. Order now, and let the Kpop Merchandise Online team make you a customer for a lifetime!

Why Buy From Us

Premium Quality Guaranteed 

At our Kpop Store, we don't compromise on quality. We use the top quality materials, at unbeatable prices. We strongly believe that with smart design, everyday Kpop products can be produced for looks and comfort, without a huge toll on bank account.

Secure Ordering

We 100% secure our website with Universal SSL. All direct payment gateways adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council. Complying with PCI-DSS requirements help ensures that your credit card information is secure.

Fast Free Shipping

We have 7 distribution centres worldwide. Infact, Speed is our middle name. Therefore all products are shipped from our centre closer to customers effectively reducing shipping time. Which means that you can opt in to receive your kpop products as quickly as the next week or 2 weeks. 

Price Beat Guarantee

If this is your first time with us, we know it can be a bit scary trusting a new kpop merchandise shop, especially with all the other ones out there that give us a bad name. In the rare case something gets lost, we provide you with a refund or a new item, money back Guarantee. 

With our aim to keep our Kpop store prices for kpop merch at lowest rate possible, we are introducing our Price Beat Guarantee which means that if you find a lower priced similar Kpop merchandise that's in stock with a competitor (even if it's on sale), we will not only match it, we'll beat it by 5%.

If you have any questions regarding your order, delivery or just want to check that we are legitamite, use the contact us page to reach out to us or message us on social media!

If this is your second, third of fifteenth time here, we know you love our service as much as we love you! So please leave us some feedback or review using the contact us page too!

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Our objective is to provide affordable kpop merchandise to all kpop fans, because wanting to represent your favourite kpop band by buying kpop merch should not be restricted by price.


Only Kpop Store to offer Afterpay & Klarna to buy Kpop Merch now and pay later

More than 30,000 happy clients around the world

Real staff on our customer service team prepared to help.

We gladly offer a full satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction, so every request accompanies 30 day money back guarantee!

100% Safety and Security Guaranteed. At Kpop Merchandise Online, we pay attention to your security and protection a lot. Shop securely utilizing the world's generally well known and reliable payment methods! 

Our Kpop stores

At first, our kpop shops were located in the big cities of South Korea, but slowly the Kpop culture and kpop fashion began to spread around the globe.

With a huge surge in Kpop fashion and kpop idols becoming mainstream. Now we have numerous distribution centres in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. We import the latest kpop items from South Korea and China to our distribution centres and the ship it to their customers around the globe.

📍Australia: 2/142 Townson Avenue, Sydney NSW 2500

📍USA: 11923 NE Sumner St STE 726326, Portland, OR 97220

Mon - Fri, 10am - 9pm
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Exclusive Stray Kids Merch

Announcement: Kpop Merchandise Online is dedicated to delivering STRAYKIDS merchandise online that is both affordable but of good quality. Our STRAY KIDS merch range includes this product but also includes other STRAY KIDS hoodies, STRAY KIDS Jumpers, STRAY KIDS Keychains, STRAY KIDS Earrings, STRAY KIDS Photocards, STRAY KIDS wallpapers, STRAY KIDS Posters, STRAY KIDS bottles and if you don't see the STRAY KIDS merch product that you want, use the contact form to reach out to us and we'll add it to our STRAY KIDS merch range just for you! 

Make sure to check out the individual STRAYKIDS merch as well before placing your order. We know that it is very hard to choose just one bias because they're all absolutely adorable. So our Half yearly SALE is here with upto 50% discount on everything.

Buy Mamamoo Merch

Announcement: Kpop Merchandise Online is dedicated to delivering Mamamoo merchandise online that is both affordable but of good quality. Our Mamamoo merch range includes this product but also includes other Mamamoo hoodies, Mamamoo Jumpers, Mamamoo Keychains, Mamamoo Earrings, Mamamoo Photocards, Mamamoo wallpapers, Mamamoo Posters, Mamamoo bottles. Furthermore, We are a Kpop store with a Mamamoo merch shop for you, you can buy Mamamoo merchandise including Mamamoo hoodie, Mamamoo Shirt, Mamamoo pins and many more! So our Half yearly SALE is here with upto 50% discount on everything

Our Kpop Collections

Official BTS MerchWe are a Kpop store with Official BTS merch shop for you, to buy BTS merch including BTS hoodie, BTS Shirt, BT21 Merch, BT21 Plushies, BTS speak yourself merch and many more!

Official Blackpink Merch: We are a Kpop Store with Blackpink merch including Blackpink tour merch,  Blackpink backpacks, casual Black Pink hoodie and Blackpink photocards!

Official EXO Merch: Make sure you buy your EXO merch including EXO jumper, Exo sweatshirt, Exo shorts, exo posters and a whole lot of other exo merch at affordable prices at kpop merchandise online.

Official Stray Kids Merch: We are a Kpop store with a Stray Kids merch shop for you, you can buy Straykids merchandise including Stray Kids hoodie, Stray Kids Shirt, Stray Kids ring and a lot of Straykids merch

Official Monsta X Merch: We strive to offer the lowest prices on MonstaX jumpers, MonstaX posters, MonstaX bottles and a whole lot of other MonstaX merchandise available here.

Official Mamamoo MerchWe are a Kpop store with a Mamamoo merch shop for you, you can buy Mamamoo merchandise including Mamamoo hoodie, Mamamoo Shirt, Mamamoo pins and many more!