Astro: A K-Pop Boy Band With Charm

Astro has been rising to success with its steadily growing fan base. They are a refreshing boy band that debuted six years ago and have around 14 albums as of now. Furthermore, Astro Merchandise around the world is extremely fast-selling, which reflects on just how popular the group is. 

 Astro is a Spanish word that directly translates to ‘star,’ which stands for their dream of becoming k-pop’s rising stars. This is also reflected in their logo, which has two interlocking triangles. The first triangle represents Astro and the other one represents all the fans. It is meant to symbolize the strong connection between the band and its fans.

Astro’s Debut

At the beginning of 2016, Astro finally released their much-awaited album, “Spring Up,” which was also their debut album. The title track was called, “Hide & Seek,” which had innovative acrobatic elements in the song and the choreography. The music video perfectly represented the lively charm of the boy band. The album further included “Innocent Love” and “Cat’s Eye,” among many others.

The “Dream” Series

For the first time, Astro topped the Gaon album charts with the release of “Dream Part. 01” in May 2017. Soon after this, the boy band began their first-ever tour that ran from July 15 to August 29. The tour was called, “The 1st Astroad” and was set to perform in Seoul, Osaka, and Tokyo. 

Just two months after the tour had ended, “Dream Part. 02” was released. Following that, another edition of the part. 02 was released in January 2018. It pretty much contained the same song but had a new photo book, a poem by Eunwoo along with other things.

New Albums, First World Tour, And Japan Debut

In 2018, Astro released another album, named “Rise Up.” This album was slow to gain popularity but that didn’t stop them from releasing yet another album just six months later. “All Light” was released in January of 2019 and topped the Gaon charts. Plus, the title track of this album, “All Night” allowed the boy band to win their first-ever music show award.

From March to April, Astro went on the road in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the United States for their first international tour, "The 2nd ASTROAD." In April, the group released "Venus," a Japanese-language album that includes three new songs as well as Japanese renditions of "Baby," "Always You," and "All Night." The album debuted at #2 on the Japanese Oricon charts, indicating a solid success by the band!

Moon Bin announced on November 12 that he will be taking a sabbatical so that he can focus more on his health. Of course, he was a part of Astro’s new album "Blue Flame," which was released on November 20, and he was also included in the music video. He did not, however, take part in the promotions of said album.

Moon Bin returned from his break in February and soon released a new album with the other members. Their “One & Only” album was made in honor of their fourth anniversary and was made available on March 13, 2020

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