The Best Kpop Stars Goods And Merchandise Collaborations

Kpop has been taking over the world with its unique music trends. Each group has a unique and distinct image that plays a part in their popularity. With the ever-increasing popularity and fans, Kpop stars have started to collaborate on projects with different brands. Nowadays, every brand is eager to work with the famous Kpop groups, knowing that their fans will be willing to spend on the merch. Each brand offers limited edition unique items, from sneakers to phones, with a distinct theme for any Kpop fans to buy.

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Following are some official Kpop collaborations with well-known brands featuring some of the most famous artists.


BTS has gained the reputation of the most famous boy band in the world right now. This has led to many brands wanting to collaborate with the group. BTS has done a series of collaborations with the world’s most famous brands, and that includes FILA.

If you are not aware, FILA is a sports brand, and now BTS is known as their global brand ambassador. FILA Korea has launched a special-edition collection represented by BTS known as the ‘Voyager Collection.’ This collection is inspired by constellations and space, with its primary color being Purple. The collection ranges from $32 to $70, consisting of graphic tees, bucket hats, hoodies, jumpers, and backpacks with galaxy-themed motifs and a classic FILA logo.

BTS x Samsung

It was only appropriate that BTS collaborated with a world-renowned smartphone brand, Samsung. The translucent purple, BTS logo, and cute little heart make this phone irresistible to BTS fans. The Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition comes with exclusive stickers, an innovative camera, and pictures. The most recognizable symbol on the phone is the purple heart on the camera that holds a special meaning to BTS. The box tells a unique story itself.

Red Velvet x Converse

Red Velvet is an iconic Kpop girl band that has collaborated with the industry by producing many hits. Their collaboration with Good Luck Trolls has led to different collaboration items with various brands, one of them being the globally recognized shoe brand Converse. The Good Luck Trolls gave this collaboration a unique look. The sneakers were designed based on some of Red Velvet’s famous songs. The five songs chosen for the shoes were Red Flavor, Zimzalabim, Dumb Dumb, Peek-A-Boo, and Icecream Cake. Each shoe has a different troll character imprinted on it, sporting distinct colors.

EXO x Nature Republic

They are another boy band that has never disappointed their fans in regards to their songs, giving their best performance every time. They collaborated with a cosmetic brand called the Nature Republic, where they came out with ‘EXO Edition Water Tint.’ The packaging was cute and unique, a tube with a hat that displayed EXO’s logo. This limited edition tint came in three colors, including Very Berry, Picnic Peach, and Oh! Orange, as a part of their collection. All the tinted lipsticks came with the autograph of each member. If you buy berries, you might get the autograph of Baekhyun, Kai, or Sehun. Similarly, Picnic Peach had the autographs of DO, Chanyeol, or Chen, and Oh! Orange had autographs of Suho or Xiumin.

Jennie x Gentle Monster

Jennie is one of the trendiest fashion icons compared to other Kpop idols. She is part of the Kpop group called Blackpink. Jennie is one of the girls from the group who is collaborating with many different well-known brands. She has recently collaborated with Gentle Monster, a Korean sunglasses and glasses brand loved by many Korean celebrities. To honor Jeanie, Gentle Monster has cultivated a unique collaboration called ‘Jentle Home Collection.’ The inspiration for this collection is a dollhouse that brings childhood nostalgia.

These collaborations portray the personality and image of a particular Kpop group. Many fans get incredibly excited about these collaborations and save up for months to purchase the brands’ products.

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