6 Fashion Ideas From Stray Kids Wardrobe: Hyunjin

The K-pop star Hyunjin is a member of the popular boy band Stray Kids. He has been considered one of the most handsome k-pop idols by multiple websites and listings. This is partly because of his eye-catching looks, and partly because of his outfit choices.

Among other group members, Hyunjin seems to have the best fashion sense. Each of his outfits screams vogue and trend. His excellent vocals and amazing dancing skills work like a cherry on top. Whether it’s a concert or a flight day, Hyunjin always knows what to wear. His outfit preferences are not only in line with the latest fashion, but ensure comfort when needed.

Best Outfits Worn By Hyunjin:

Many fans have been inspired by different Hyunjin outfits, and have even recreated his looks. In this blog, we have compiled some of the best outfits worn by Hyunjin.

1.   All-Black:

Hyunjin has been found wearing an all-black outfit in multiple concerts. With a black belt to support the outfits, and chain detailing around the body, Hyunjin created an eye-catching look. This kind of outfit not only exudes elegance, but shows the darker side of his personality as well.

Black coat over black skinnies is just what is needed to increase Hyunjin’s already charming personality. This is one of our favorites as it is so easy to re-create but leaves an oh-so-charming impression. If you want to buy stray kids merch, visit Online K-pop Merchandise store.

2.   Royalty-Inspired Outfits:

Hyunjin has been seen wearing multiple outfits that emanate a royal aura. Plain white button down paired with formal black pants and a black belt with a circular loop is a look to die for. In some looks, he has thrown a white and black striped coat on top of a similar outfit to build a prince-like outfit. With a soft smile on the face and an outfit that exudes royalty, Hyunjin can charm anyone.

3.   Golden “Side Effects” Outfit:

Hyunjin wore a beautiful Gold toned shirt in a live performance and a relay dance of “Side Effects”. The shirt efficiently brought out his features and made them more prominent. It also made his shoulders look broader. Paired with gold earrings and a basic chain, the outfit was completed. With black skinnies, the outfit was able to complement his looks, and make the fans swoon over it. 

4.   Gray Cap With A Double Knot Hoodie:

Hyunjin once wore an outfit for a concert featuring a black loose hoodie with loose pocketed pants. The black color again worked to strengthen his soft features, and add glamour to the look. Paired up with a gray cap elevated the entire outfit.

5.   Red Shirt With Black Pants:

This is something we all have worn once in our lives. Hyunjin follows the basic fashion trend in some of his live performances. By wearing a bright red button-down over black skinnies, or grayish black printed pants, he creates another fashion inspiration for the fans. The red can make anyone look attractive, and in Hyunjin’s case, it works like magnetism.

6.   The Cute Look:

Hyunjin has been seen sporting multiple outfits that are cute and sexy at the same time. He was found wearing a soccer-inspired outfit, a dark blue hoodie, light blue pants and sneakers for a photoshoot. Next, he chose to wear double shirt - blue sweater on top and white skirt underneath - for the music video of “Levanter.” The cutest of them all was a blue jean over-all with a bright green hoodie. These three outfits really stood out among the rest, as they made him look so cute and lovable.

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