Everything You Need To Know About The 8 Members Of ATEEZ

ATEEZ is a k-pop boy band that consists of 8 members. They debuted in October of 2019 and are known for their songs, such as Treasure and Pirate King. ATEEZ has accumulated a fanbase from all over the world, which is known as ATINY. Furthermore, they also have an official ATEEZ merch that is based on their albums and each individual member.

Here is a guide to each member of the group and their amazing qualities.

1.    Hongjoong

Kim Hongjoong was born in 1998 in Korea and began his music career as a contestant on MIXNINE. From there he went on being a part of ATEEZ and has composed over 40 songs for the group. Plus, in order to strengthen the group’s bond with fans, Hoongjoong has often suggested that ATEEZ should collaborate with ATINY. 

2.    Seonghwa

He has adapted his stage name, Seonghwa, from his birth name, Park Seong Hwa. In ATEEZ, he holds a position of a vocalist even after rapping in the first audition. Seonghwa was the first member to be selected for this boy and is essentially considered the ‘Dad’ of the group. This is because he is really good at comforting other people whenever needed.

3.    Yunho

Jeong Yun Ho was born in 1999 and is the main performer of the group along with Mingi. Both of them are trained by Seungri’s Dance Academy and are excellent performers. Even though Yunho was accepted in Joy Dance and Plug-In Music Academy, he choose to go to the Seungri because of Mingi. This shows how much Yunho values friendship and cares for people close to him.

4.    Yeosang

Kang Yeo Sang is a vocalist and performer for ATEEZ and a former BigHit trainee. He also auditioned for MIXNINE but unfortunately couldn’t get in. This led him to work on his skill with Yeuhua Entertainment’s Ahn Hyungseob. So, when he auditioned for ATEEZ, the committee selected him without a second thought. Moreover, Yeosang is a gaming and technology fanatic, as he spends his time playing video games and flying drones.

5.    San

Choi San is the quirky guy of the group. Even though he takes his training and career very seriously, he is known to be a comedian and prank master when the group is enjoying their downtime. Plus, the group has reported that nobody sleeps and watches mukbang as much as San. He loves social media and is the most active as compared to other members.

6.    Mingi

Song Mingi is the rapper and performer for ATEEZ and is the most ambitious out of everyone in the group. He looks up to Jay Park and Rain and hopes to be as big of an idol as they are. Mingi also loves American music and is known to be obsessed with Drake’s “God’s Plan.” The other group members have reported that Mingi is easily scared by bugs, heights, and speed among other stuff.

7.    Wooyoung

Jung Wooyoung is by far the naughtiest and noisest member of the group. While his achievements are exemplary, Wooyoung never shies away from having fun. He is known to have the most number of friends in and out of the k-pop industry and enjoys traveling and making memories. Additionally, Wooyoung idolizes the k-pop band BTS and is a fan of their recent work, including Dynamite, Butter, etc.

8.    Jongho

Choi Jongho is the youngest member of the group but is still the main vocalist for ATEEZ. He is also the most athletic out of all 8 and wanted to be an athlete before he became an idol. His specialty lies in soccer and arm wrestling and is known to be very strong. Jongho also is a very big foodie and enjoys steak, chicken, pizza, ramen the most.

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