Top 10 Songs Of NCT

NCT is a boy band whose unit-based and rotational nature has blessed us with quite a lot of singles. It is a relatively new group that debuted in 2016 and has earned much popularity. Over the span of a few years, NCT was successful in generating a distinct identity for themselves.

NCT provides diversity in their songs. There is a genre for everyone in NCT’s songs. Upbeat dance-pop, soaring balladry and hip-hop are all highlighted in their songs. If you’re only getting started with NCT, we provide you with a list of NCT’s best songs to get you started.

NCT U - Without You

The song, Without You, is not adequately promoted but is worthy of praise. The vocals in this song are phenomenal, and the melody would melt your heart. It’s not very trendy but has transformed the course of NCT’s direction. By incorporating the euphonious harmonies and anthemic chorus in this song, NCT has introduced a new identity in its songs.


  • NCT Dream - My First And Last

  • NCT Dream composed Chewing Gum as the creative counterpart to the classic song, My First And Last.. It gives the vibes of old-school pop music. The lively chorus in this song sets it apart from other songs in the NCT Dream. In addition to that, the driving beat constructs perfect K-pop momentum. If you’re looking for a kpop shop to buy merch related to this song, visit K-pop Merchandise Online.



  • NCT U - Baby Don’t Stop

  • The Baby Don’t Stop is a song powered by only two members of the group. The song itself exudes charisma and has a mesmerizing charm to it. Every element in the song including the vocals and choreographic detailing plays a vital role. The distinctive feature of the song is its squeaky sample combined with a tone that captivates.


    NCT Dream - Chewing Gum

    Chewing Gum has a fun and carefree vibe. As opposed to the hip-hop driven and experimental songs of NCT 127, this song is bright and catchy. The group combined the song with their impressive performance that further contributed to its popularity. It is one of the most gleeful and captivating pieces of music developed by NCT.

  • NCT 127 - Limitless

  • Thye song features a militaristic chorus, which impresses most of its listeners. This hip-hop song with its rough-edged chorus and pleasing visuals has stolen the hearts of many. Glimpses SM Entertainment's old and new songs are seen in this song, making it the best single of NCT 127.

    NCT U - Boss

    The song combines components of rap along with melodious vocals to generate its charisma. It brings back the icy 90’s r&b edge vibes with a bass-heavy hip hop. The song is one of the classics of NCT and has brought fame to the group on many levels.

  • NCT 127 - Switch

  • Even before the debut of NCT, the fans were familiar with Switch. The group is seen playing their best of melody and exhibiting full accessibility in this song. The perfect syncing and swirling of the chorus presents as one of the strongest moments in NCTS’s history.

  • NCT Dream - We Young

  • The song introduces a summer track with a brass-kissed soundtrack. It offers a celebratory disposition with a piece of upbeat tropical music. The soundtrack catches hints of sultry charm and melodious tunes to create the perfect mix for the audience.

    NCT 127 - Fire Truck

    Fire Truck, as the name may suggests, features strong instrumentals with coarse and robust vocals. The song may not be as catchy as others, but with time, the melody becomes addictive and difficult to give up on. The song has a hypnotic bounce which keeps the audience in for a long time. Additionally, the minimalist melody lets the listeners completely reserve their attention to the concept of the song.

  • NCT U - The Seventh Sense

  • The Seventh Sense was the first official song of NCT, and it rapidly became a fan favorite. The song has a dreamy melody and slow beats, which stimulates the emotions of its listeners. NCT was the most experimental boy band of SM Entertainment, which was introduced through this song. The decision proved to be a success as the boy band rose to fame after their captivating introduction.

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