5 Incredible Stray Kids Facts That Every Fan Should Know

The Kpop industry has so many brilliant bands and groups that people should know about. One of the most recent successes of the Kpop industry is a group called Stray Kids. They have risen to popularity very sharply.

If you are a Stray Kids fan, then surely, like every stan, you have Stray Kids merch and know everything about them and their music. But just as well, we wrote this great blog to mention some brilliant facts about this group that every Stray Kids fan should know.

So, in case you didn't know these things, then this should be an enlightening blog for you. Read on!

1. Bang Chan Has Double Jointed Arms

Christopher Bang, known mainly by his stage name "Bang Chan," is the main member and leader of the group. Stray Kids stans know him as an inspirational and dependable figure which is helpful to everyone and is very protective of all other group members.

But one interesting fact about him that not everyone knows is that he has double-jointed arms. Yes, he came on to a talk show as a guest and showcased this uncommon ability of his.

2. Minho's Long Eyelashes Can Hold Up Toothpick and Straws

Minho of the Stray Kids group, whose real name is Lee Know, is famous for being the active dance in the phenomenon Kpop group. In fact, he is so good at dancing that people call him the "Dancing Gem" or "Dancing Jewel" of the group.

He is also known to have very naturally strong, thick, and luscious eyelashes. But what people might not know is that those eyelashes aren't just for show. Rather, they are thick and strong enough to hold a toothpick and even a straw through them.

3. Felix Checking His Pulse When Nervous

Every member of Stray Kids has their own thing that they are known for. Felix is a member that is known for being great at speaking English. This is because Felix might be Korean, but he grew up in Australia for a part of his childhood, which led to developing fluency in English.

He also has a habit that many consider being strange or cute. When he is nervous, like he was when he was auditioning, he has a habit of checking his pulse. He used to do it back then, and he still does it now.

4. Hyunjin Being the Crybaby of the Group

Hyunjin is no stranger to scandals, considering he was involved in a school violence scandal. And because of this, he took a hiatus from Stray Kids for 4 long months. But then he made a surprise comeback in the Mixtape: OH MV that they released recently.

But one trait that Hunjin possesses that people think is adorable is that he cries a lot. He is known for shedding tears when on stage, and even the group members themselves consider him the crybaby of the group.

5. Jeongin (I.N) Is Clumsy, and He Admits It

Jeongin (I.N) is considered the "maknae" of the group. In Korean, this means "youngest sibling." He is also considered the one that stays away from the limelight the most. That is just his natural disposition.

His personality is also very jokey and silly. He plays around a lot and messes with the other members. But one more the fact that fans should know about him is that he is clumsy. He is always tripping, slipping, and making a mess. In fact, he admits it as a trait that he possesses. And his stans think it's cute.


Stray Kids, just like every other Kpop group, has members with their own quirks and traits. These were just five that we knew you would not want to miss. Are you interested in Stray Kids' official merch to support your favorite group? Then check out our great merch collection and buy whatever you like now!