3 K-Beauty Trends Influenced By Kpop Idols

Kpop is not just about music. It is also an interaction of idols, songs, choreography, beauty and fashion, costume, and general aesthetics. And the fandom created by this music genre takes on a prominent role in the overall Korean Wave movement, called Hallyu. How does it happen?

We have seen that Kpop dramatically grew as a global phenomenon worldwide during the last few years, whether in Asia, North America, or Europe. With this recognition and popularity, the growth of various South Korean industries became possible. Therefore, we can say that Kpop assisted the Korean government in fostering its cultural assets. Fans now tend to pursue the “Korean dream”, as they have started to learn about its cultural traditions. They not only ingest Hallyu content, they also experience and partake in it.

The purpose of the visit of 1 in 13 tourists coming to Korea is “BTS.” They are the most influential and famous Kpop boy band in the world right now, contributing billions of dollars to the economy. The loyal fans of this band are called ARMIES, and like all other Kpop fans, they get involved in the national culture, including the Korean language, drama, cuisine, fashion and beauty. Indeed, Kpop influences people worldwide to follow the trends set by Korean street walking affairs.

Kpop Beauty Trends

Koreans are known for their smooth and flawless skin, giving way to non-Koreans getting to know the beauty industry of Korea inspired by Kpop culture. Even you can find many Korean kpop shops, both online and offline, selling Kpop merchandise, including beauty and fashion products.

The fans may ask questions like “What Kpop idols use beauty trends or products?” and “What are idols’ makeup and skincare routines?” So, Charlotte Cho, the founder of Soko Glam, presented the highly recognised “10 Step Skincare Routine,” making everyone speculative. Immediately after this, K-beauty has integrated into the global beauty industry as its main part.

In recent times, we have seen new beauty and fashion products being developed to enhance the quality of K-beauty. And, people ignore the 10 steps to improve their skincare routine. Now, you can find 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 products focusing on your beauty and its routines. You can see three Kpop idol trending with beauty tips in the following.

Mamamoo’s Hwasa

From 2020 to now, Kpop idols started to sport aggressive and fierce looks. Instead of subtle orange and pink tones, they now use darker shades. They also use lipsticks with auburn brown, earthy red, and deep mauve shades, which give them a graceful look.

What makes Hwasa so popular and a recognised performer is her appealing stage presence. Her makeup makes her elegant on the stage, suggesting that makeup plays a meaningful role. She gives off a bold aura just by creating attention-grabbing movement through her eyeliner. So, you can follow her makeup trend by completing your look with lipstick with dark or bright red shade.

Twice’s Jihyo

Since Kpop idols continually wear makeup, Jihyo takes her makeup removal routine very serious by following three steps, which you can follow. You need to apply the eye makeup remover to remove the eyeliner and mascara. You will then avoid skin irritation through gentle massage using cleansing milk to remove the rest of the makeup. Finally, you will need to apply a water-based cleanser and rinse off to moisten your face from the remaining dirt.

Once makeup removal is completed, you will further continue the skincare routine by following three steps: tone, essence, and hydrate. You need to use facial oil to finish everything. Nevertheless, it is different for your morning routine as you use plain water instead of cleaning products.

GOT7's Bambam

Started in 2020, sparkling makeup is the Korean beauty craze that introduced a new beauty trend. And until now, the stylists of Kpop idols continue to experiment with different sparkly and glittery ornaments. For this purpose, different materials are used, including crystals, glitters, rhinestones, and sparkling facial.

GOT7’s Bambam is a good example of this style during his “Dye Not By The Moon”. He creates an effect that could be used for highlighting and even holographic purposes. GOT7 fans, known as Ahgases, call this style “angel-like”, as Bambam appears with white hair and outfit.

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