6 Reasons Why EXO Concerts Are The Best

EXO is a nine-membered K-pop group that has released multiple albums and won various awards since its debut. They have been at the top of the charts since they came in the media, and have fans swoon over their performances in each concert.

The nine members of this group each add distinct features to the band. They all contribute to the success of concerts with their impeccable vocals and swift dance moves. This is why EXO concert tickets are sold out months before the actual event.

From Baekhyun’s beautiful voice to Sehun’s outstanding dancing, each concert is to die for. It is no secret that when Chen and Kyungsoo sing, the entire concert hall falls into a dream-like state. The performance is further personified by Chanyeols’ rapping and Kai’s dancing. Suho, Lay, and Xiumin add further charm with their looks and vocals.

Why EXO Concerts Are Worth Visiting:

Here is the list of reasons why EXO concerts are perceived as the best by fans and others.

1.   Powerful Performance:

EXO members never fail to deliver quality in their performance. The vibe of the concert always has fans singing along, and dancing to the beat. The handsome visuals, dance performance, and beautiful singing add power to each song.


Everyone who visits the concerts claims that it was worth every penny they invested. Therefore, if you are a K-pop fan, you must visit their concert at least once in your life. Additionally, if you love this group and want to buy EXO merchandise, visit the Official K-pop Merchandise Store.

2.   Solo And Duo Performances:

Most EXO concerts contain solo and duo performances to showcase the individual talent of each member. You not only get to see them as a group, but as individual artists as well. This is the beauty of their concerts, that you get multiple flavors in one go.

From individual songs to solo dance performances, there is a high chance you will get to see your bias in action. The display of their individual talents is what distinguishes their concerts from the concerts of other bands.

3.   Display Of EDM Moves:

EXO concerts feature an EDM segment, which is a fan favorite. In this performance, each member shows astounding dance moves. They go in a completely hardcore partying mode and leave the stage rumbling with their amazing performance.

This is the segment where the entire concert hall jumps and screams in delight, along with the members. It is truly a sight to be seen.

4.   Excellent Fan Service:

The fan service in EXO concerts is worthy of mentioning here. There is one segment in their concerts that is allotted for songs that allow close interaction between the members and the fans. You will be able to witness their interaction with each other and with the attendees of the concert if you attend their concerts.

5.   Energetic Crowd:

The crowd in EXO concerts is known to be the most energetic and dynamic. The people in this crowd party along with the members and make the best out of their times. They not only swing to the dance moves, but sing along with EXO members as well. The crowd is what makes any EXO concert a memorable one for both the group and the fans.

6.   Great Set-Lists:

The set-list chosen for each of their concerts is quite fascinating. It contains most of the fan favorites and top hits from their albums. There is a high chance that you will be able to hear your favorite EXO song at an EXO concert.

Here are the few reasons that make all EXO concerts compelling. If you love this group and want to buy EXO official merch, have a look at the collection at the Official K-pop Merchandise Store.