Here’s How You Can Get Better At Making Friends

A lot of people want to make good friends. They are great people who’d make awesome friends. Yet, they can’t get through the initial struggles and come to a stage where they get comfortable with people.

If this is something that relates to you, then we are here to help. In this article, we shall tell you some actionable points that can help you make friends and up your social game.

Before we proceed, please note that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert. A lot of people have fewer friends by choice, and that’s absolutely fine. However, those who wish to have more friends or would want to talk to people with ease can do so by following the tips below:

Be approachable

You can’t make new friends if your face looks like a stone all the time. Remember, people love to interact with those who are friendly and approachable.

This doesn’t mean that you must smile like an idiot all the time. But just have an expression that doesn’t say that you’re rude or mean.

Also, being approachable means that you talk to people in a way that sparks up conversation. If somebody comes to talk to you, then don’t just give dry answers. You can meet new people at any public space. Be open to opportunities that come your way.

Groom nicely

Unless you have a natural talent to draw people to you, you’ll need to maintain your physical appearance. You don’t need to be the most beautiful man or woman on the earth to make new friends.

You just need to look good and neat. If you do the bare minimum, like dress appropriately, smell nice and shower regularly, you’ll see how much appreciation you get.

Grooming nicely also tells people a lot about your personality.

Stay updated with the trends

When you’ll meet people, you need to have the right things to say. Sure, you can’t know everything in the world. But the good thing is that not everyone is to be your friend.

You just need to stay updated with the latest trends so that you aren’t aloof in social gatherings. There’s so much going on; pick your favorite topics and learn more about them.

Be confident to share your passion

Agreeable people find it hard to make friends. Because they are very much interested in making others happy rather than communicating what’s on their mind.

If you want to make new friends, then you’ll have to be open about your likes and dislikes. That way, you’ll attract the right crowd that resonates with you. For instance, if you like Astro, BTS, or K-pop in general, then don’t go on telling people that you are a metal fan just to get in their good books.

Instead, be proud, wear the Astro merchandise and tell people who you are. You’ll surely attract some great friends by being original.

Be helpful

If you are selfish, then you’ll not make a lot of friends. To have great friends, you must be willing to help others. Not out of any expectation of reward. Just in general.

People love to be around those who are helpful to them or others.

Final words

Making good friends isn’t something difficult. By doing the right things, you can surely make some great ones.

If you are struggling with people, then hopefully the above-mentioned tips shall help you a great deal. If the third point is accentuated to your brain and you are looking for the right Astro merch shop, then you can place your orders with us right away!