Becoming A Great Musician: Here’s How You Can Polish Your Music Skills

Music is one thing that’s awesome. Many people like to listen to it, but there’s only a few that can brilliantly play or compose it.

It’s not that there’s a lack of enthusiasm, but people fail to become amazing musicians because of some common mistakes. If you are passionate about becoming great at music, then this article is for you.

Here we shall tell you the 5 points that can help you become a better musician:


No matter how great ideas you have in your head, you’ll have to play them out. For that, you need absolute mastery over your instrument. If you don’t practice, then your execution can remain mediocre.

If you wish to be a player that just plays for fun, then mediocrity would do just fine. But if you are aiming high, your practice ethic should be amazing. Also, remember, you’ll need to practice consistently. Practicing for an hour every day is better than practicing for 10 hours on the weekend.

Be disciplined

It is easy to have a lot of distractions. Sometimes you’ll need to be with your girlfriend/boyfriend, sometimes you’ll have your exams, or sometimes you may be traveling. The point here is to make you realize that there’ll always be distractions.

Your goal is to keep practicing despite the distractions. If you wish to become great, then your schedule must rotate around music. Make everything else secondary and watch yourself progress on the path to greatness.

Listen to the right inspiration

Before you go around producing your own music, learn to be inspired. The type of music that you listen to shall have a serious impact on what you play. Therefore, you need to get the right inspiration and get inspired till you are competent enough to produce something of your own.

It’s very simple to do it. Just see what sounds pleasant to your ears and then replicate that first. Then make variations to it. And then change it up completely. For instance, if you like Kpop, you may try playing Exo or BTS.

You may throw up some Exo merchandise on yourself to get into the feel.



Once you have sufficient mastery over the instrument, you must explore the path of experimentation. What this means is that music is a vast, vast discipline. There’s so much new music that’s yet to be created.

The point is, you must be bold enough to explore new sounds. Don’t just stick to the Majors and the Minors. Experimenting shall also help you know and discover your music preferences. Even great artists like Freddie Mercury or Lady Gaga became great because of experimentation.

Don’t get dishearted

A lot of people lose track because of bad days. Remember, becoming great isn’t an up-only path. There will be times when you’ll have self-doubts and feelings of not being good enough.

Your task is to fight those and keep pursuing music. Even the greatest musicians may feel that they aren’t capable of good work. But their love for music is so great they stay persistent despite the negative emotions.

That’s how winners are made.

Final Words

Becoming a great musician is just about following a few simple steps with absolute dedication. Stay disciplined, set a goal, and practice till you reach there.

The abovementioned ideas shall truly help you become great at your craft. If the cosplay idea stuck with you, then you may order Exo official merch from us.