All About K-Pop Group Twice

Twice is a K-pop girl group consisting of nine members. The cheerful tunes and radiant music videos of the group sets them apart from others. Twice’s members put extra effort in their dance and choruses to catch the attention of their fans.

Each member has a distinct sense of style, and are represented by a particular color. Their creative hairstyles, makeup and fashion choices forms the representation of their group. Most of their title tracks go viral as they are in line with the latest trends followed in the music industry. Here is a basic guide to the group, including some details on each member.

Formation Of Twice

Twice originated from a reality show, featuring different competitions between k-pop idols. The aspiring idols in the JYP Entertainment -- aka trainees -- fought for a place in the final lineup of the group during the series “Sixteen.”

The contestants completed a group of challenges, which tested their singing, rapping and dancing skills. The charisma each contestant exudes was also a consideration in the selection process. This is how the nine-membered group of Twice came into existence.

Why Are They Called Twice?

Park Jinyoung, the founder of JYP Entertainment explained that “Twice” means making a double impact. Through their music, the group aimed at making an impression “once through the ears and once through the eyes”. As the group debuted and started releasing one hit after the other, they proved the statement correct.

Twice’s songs feature vibrant vocals combined with colorful and eye-catching music videos. They have developed a specific name for their most dedicated fans as “Once.” The group explained the meaning behind this and said that if you love us once, we will return it twice. If you’re a devoted Twice fan and would like to buy Twice’s hoodies official merch, go check out Kpop Merchandise Online.

Members Of Twice

There are nine members of Twice. Each one is different from the other in certain ways. If you keep reading, you’ll learn some distinctive characteristics of each member.

  • Park Jihyo

  • Jihyo debuted in Twice after spending 10 years in elementary school training for singing and dancing. In Twice’s tracks, the key lines are usually sung by Jihyo as the main vocalist. With powerful vocals and a confident personality, Jihyo never fails to rock during live performances. She emanates a charisma that charms all, and her dance skills are worthy of praise.

  • Im Nayeon

  • Among other members of Twice, Nayeon is the oldest and wisest. She takes the centre in most performances of the group. Nayeon delivers strength in the chorus of the group. Most of Twice’s songs start with Nayeon hitting the stage and then the rest of the members join her. She is a strong vocalist and contributes to the group with her powerful singing.

  • Yoo Jeongyeon

  • Jeongyeon trained as a vocalist before debuting as the member of Twice. She started out her idol career with Twice in 2015. She easily becomes a girl crush for people who enter Twice’s fandom. She envisioned herself as a model in the initial stages but found out later that she can be a good addition to a musical band as well.

  • Hirai Momo

  • Momo is known for her swift and exemplary dance moves. She is known as one of the best dancers among all girl groups in K-pop. Due to her unrivaled performance and amazing on-stage skills, Momo was added in the group despite being eliminated in the reality show, Sixteen.

  • Minatozaki Sana

  • Sana is a Japanese member and is known for her bright and fun-loving personality. During the show Sixteen, she opted for cooking in a challenge where contestants were asked to showcase their “star quality.” Unlike other contestants, she did not choose to dance, sing or rap for this challenge which set her apart in the eyes of the audience. She demonstrates her quirky charm and playful nature in the group’s performances.

  • Miyoui Mina

  • Mina moved to Japan a few years after being born in the US. She is one of the group’s vocalists and performs as a main dancer as well. She exudes an feminine charm, given that she trained as a ballerina for more than a decade.  Her aura emits grace and elegance on stage as well as off stage in interviews and reality shows etc.

  • Kim Dahyun

  • One of her videos of “the eagle dance” went viral even before she joined Twice, which majorly contributed to her fame. This dance was considered to be an inspiration behind the animation in Fortnite -- the video game. She usually sings the punchy lines in group songs and is known as the expressive rapper of the group.

  • Son Chaeyoung

  • Chaeyoung is the main rapper in the group. Her verses are usually composed of bold, fierce and meaningful elements. The playful energy she brings on the stage makes Twice all the more charming. She loves to draw and also designed the cover for one of the limited edition albums of Twice.

  • Chou Tzuyu

  • Tzuyu is the group’s maknae--youngest in the group --who was born in Taiwan. She was not on the line up for Twice on Sixteen. However, the results of the online polls for viewer’s feedback brought her into the group. She has the looks of a visual and continues to improve herself with each performance. Her hard work can be seen on stage with her efficient dance moves and vocal refinement.

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