Facts About Monsta X Members

The boy band, Monsta X was formed by Starship Entertainment's reality survival program. No Mercy brought forth this group that is composed of six members. The group debuted in early 2015 but released their first album later in two years. 

Each member of the group has a distinct profile and history. They share two dorms in groups of three, and each member has a separate room. In this blog, we will discuss updated facts about each member, so you are familiarized with the personal details of your favorite members.

  • Shownu

  • The birth name of Shownu is Sohn Hyun Woo. He is the lead vocalist and main dancer in the group, and that is why has been chosen as the leader of Monsta X. Shownu is a Gemini and was born in 1992.

    He was born in Donbonggu town in Seoul, Korea, and is the sole offspring of his parents. Shownu started out as a JYP trainee with GOT7, but due to absences, he ended up leaving from there. 

    He spent 2 years in his traineeship and made good friends with the members of GOT7. Shownu loves to exercise and shove his mouth with protein-rich foods, especially meat. He was a former member of a boy group, NUBOYZ. One interesting fact about Shownu is that he contributes to the choreography for Monsta X’s performances and music videos. He enlisted in the military this year, in July.

  • Minhyuk

  • The real name of Minhyuk is Lee Min Hyuk. He is the sub-vocalist and visual in the group due to his enchanting looks and charming personality. He turned 28 years this November, meaning his zodiac sign is Scorpio. If Minhyuk is your bias and you would like to buy Minhyuk related Monsta X merch from an online K-pop shop, check out Kpop Merchandise Online.

    Minhyuk was born in the city of Gwangju in South Korea. He is a foodie who loves to eat sweet potatoes and pizza. Not only that, but he guzzles down coca-cola as he makes jokes and entertains the other members of the group. Furthermore, he lightens up the atmosphere when the group is in a low mood. Minhyuk is confident in his vocals and moves his lips efficiently to create the most beautiful melodies. 

  • Kihyun

  • Kihyun, aka Yoo Ki Hyun is the main vocalist in Monsta X. His melodious voice has the ability to charm anyone. He was born in 1993 in the Goyang region of South Korea, alongside an older brother.

    Kihyun is not only the best vocalist in the group but has the talent of playing piano as well. He is a graduate of Dong’Ah Institute of Media and Arts and loves to compose songs and develop catchy lyrics. His hobbies include dancing, spending time with friends, and making ramen (which he’s quite good at as well.)

  • Hyungwon

  • Chae Hyung Won is the multi-talented member of the group who can not only dance and sing well, but can rap as well. His good looks eventually made him one of the group’s visuals. He is a Capricorn, born in 1994, and weighs about 132 lbs. 

    Hyungwon has one younger brother. His genes blessed him with finely shaped and pouty lips, for which he is known among the fans. Hyungwon sleeps the most among the rest of the members, and snacks the most as well. He loves to eat sashimi, salted fried giant shrimp, and pork bbq.

  • Joohoney

  • He changed his stage name from Jooheon to Joohoney recently. He performs as the main rapper and sub vocalist with Monsta X. He develops songs on SoundCloud for his fans so they can get an individual taste of his vocals.

    Joohoney grew up in Daegu and has one younger brother. He is a fan of Michael Jackson and raps like a pro. He showcased the magic of his vocals in his single with Hyorin and San E. He shows interest in creation of album jackets and music videos alongside lyrics writing and song production. In the past, he was the member of another boy band called NYBOYZ. He can speak better English than most other members.

  • I.M

  • I.M was born in Gwangju with an older brother. He traveled a lot throughout his childhood and lived in Boston and Israel for the most part. As a result of constant traveling, he ended up with an English name, Daniel/ Danny. He idolizes his father and wanted to pursue sciences like him. I.M can communicate in English effectively, as he spent some time in the US as well. He loves to hang out with his group mates and writes catchy lyrics for songs. 

    This is a comprehensive list of facts about each member of the famous boy band Monsta X. If you love their songs and would like to buy Monsta X merch, visit Kpop Merchandise Online.