A Brief Guide to Buying KPOP Merchandise

What made KPOP a worldwide phenomenon? Of course, the hard work of the KPOP artists cannot be overlooked. However, the amateurs are the main surfers on the Korean wave. Indeed, the support they provide resulted in the success and global recognition of their idols. A great example is fans of the big bang theory merch. The Big Bang, a South Korean boy band dubbed the “Kings of K-pop” with the aim of spreading the Korean Wave internationally. They are highly recognized for their innovative musical experimentation, self-production, and stage presence.

Being a fangirl or a fanboy may have a negative connotation. However, the fact is that they express love in their own way. The fandom culture of KPOP mostly includes a show of loyalty through merchandise. The big bang theory merch is a good example of this. A great support is to buy albums, and you as a fan can provide this support to your idols. It will assist them in getting to the top spots on the physical and digital music charts. This post is all about presenting a brief guide to help you get started shopping for KPOP merchandise.

Buy KPOP Merchandise

The idea of purchasing merchandise might be a bit intimidating for new KPOP fans. As many methods and steps exist to follow, they may be confused about where to start. However, the first step you need to take is knowing which KPOP merchandise to buy. 

Official and unofficial property are two categories. A KPOP group entertainment company releases the official products. Usually, these include albums, DVDs, lightsticks, concert items, and seasonal greetings. Ultimately, a certain proportion of the sales go to your idols. The fans like KPOP fans make unofficial products. For example, they customize print on shirts, mugs, stationery, and so on. This way, fans support the small businesses.

You can buy unofficial KPOP merchandise primarily through international online Kpop stores. As they are typically fan-made, you can access them easily than the official ones. You can also see them at both offline and online KPOP stores in your local area.

To buy the official KPOP merchandise, you should only approach official websites of the companies, such as KPOP Merchandise Online. 

Understanding Group Orders

KPOP albums are the most commonly sold products. These include CDs, mini photobook, standee, and a random photo card. The thing is, KPOP fans would rather have their bias photo card. In case you did not know, a bias is your preferred group member. You can get the bias card by joining a group order (GO) organized by group order managers (GOMs).

GOMs are mostly fans with an online KPOP store or a big following on social media platforms. During the comeback season, they would order hundreds, sometimes thousands of KPOP albums, relying on the number of fans who joined the GO.

At times, GOs also accept merchandise orders. In case of high demand for a product, the GOMs organize the bulk order by taking the initiative. In this way, fans would have the ability to save money on shipping by breaking up the cost.

Avoid Fake Merchandise and Scammers

Only approach the legitimate KPOP shopping stores to buy official ‘real’ merchandise, and KPOP Merchandise Online is the most reliable online source. This is a trusted and legitimate online KPOP store, already tested by many fans. If you are not satisfied, you need to steer clear of sellers with loads of negative reviews. The best approach is to read the testimonials. If you are buying for the first time, testimonials will help you shop.

Ratings are something else. Even if a store has positive reviews, the ratings will indicate that a customer's experience is 100% good. Maybe a fan was glad when received an item, but it might have had a few scratches or the packaging is roughly wrapped. You may face this problem if you prefer a low-grade store to buy the big bang theory merch, for example. 

KPOP Merchandise Online is your companion and a reliable source to buy a wide range of KPOP merchandise. Let us know what your favorite merch is!