Know the Success History of K-pop

K-Pop (Korean pop) is becoming more and more popular. This genre has been gaining overwhelming popularity for quite some time. It conquered social networks (especially TikTok), and it expanded through the American music scene. So, K-Pop idols dominate the music scene and have become a dominating force in Korea’s pop culture, fashion and beauty trends. While we talk of Kpop’s great success, it is important that we highlight some of the most talked about and trending bands like Bing Bang, BTS, Stray Kids, and PSY. You can find Big Bang Theory merchandise, for example, including Hoodies, Lightsticks, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and more.

Let’s dive into this amazing world!

When and how?

For years, K-Pop has been one of the trending topics. In 1992, a boy band called Seo Taiji and Boys partook by acting in a South Korean television contest. Their sound was something exceptional, never seen before in the Asian country. They presented a blend of Korean lyrics, European pop, American Hip Hop, and exceptional choreography. Regardless of the fact that the public went crazy, the contest jury gave them a relatively low score. Ultimately, the jury eliminated the band from the contest.

But too late, the song they played on the TV show stayed in the top sales for around 17 weeks. Now, its story takes us to the current state of K-Pop, a business injecting millions and millions into the South Korean economy.

PSY conquers the ground

K-Pop was growing in terms of its popularity in South Korea and other adjacent countries. However, it was ignored for almost two decades in the rest of the world. Until it appeared a guy dancing trot with a theme that prevailed globally, yes, we are talking about the well-known Gangnam Style PSY. Their theme broke the records on YouTube amassing trillions of visits for the first time in Internet history. The PSY’s success showed the world the power of the Asian music market. The band brought something extremely unique and appealing for the world, which is why it quickly grew to prominence.  

Kpop’s appeal and vibe is full of energy and colors, and they are certainly not easy to imitate. Their choreography is not something new because it is something that became popular in pop during the 90s. However, the great dedication to the show itself, impeccably executed, was something that The Western culture was not used to. And, this is a cultural impact of a much more perfection-oriented lifestyle, which made its way into the mainstream.

Remember that the success of Gangnam Style was not sudden. It is a tremendously well crafted, fine-tuned pop song produced by wonderful minds. 

BTS (BTS) takes the helm

The PSY thing was an opening of doors for more artists, as the boybands’ (and girlbands, of course) returned. You can find dozens of K-Pop bands operating in the United States and Europe. However, no one comes close to the record-breaking BTS, which is a group of seven singers who are making it big worldwide.

The key to its success lies in the production quality, the live shows, and the interaction with the fans. BTS has christened their fans ARMY (Adorable Representative MC for Youth), an intergenerational and cultural army.

The K-pop industry has seen substantial growth, in which the role played by other artists is also pivotal. These artists include Blackpink, Tomorrow x Together, EXO, and of course, PSY.

The life of K-Pop stars

Generally, you can find quite a different past of K-Pop stars than Western stars. Typically, when children are between 10 and 14 years old, they get contracted at agencies. The littles sign a contract, which until recently used to be about 13 years, and has now been legally reduced to 7 years. This was due to complaints made by some artists and the slave treatment of the contract.

The stars adopt a much-disciplined routine. They wake up early in the morning, go to choreography and singing classes. They then join school until 15 or 16, then return to the agency to attend more after-school classes until 11 at night. They return home, sleep 5 hours and repeat the play.

Crazy right? And the thing is more absurd if we consider that these stars have not even performed, nor are they sure that they will succeed in the future. After debut, agencies monitor their performance and success until the artist is already “irrelevant” or too “old” for the public. And it is that it already has ready-made substitutes, with much more energy, bloom and youth. Although these artists go through a very strict and rigorous routine, but these hardships have ensured their success on the big stage.   

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