Facts To Know About Monsta X Members

Monsta X is a boy band founded by reality survival program of Starship Entertainment. This group consists of six members, which was formed by No Mercy. The band debuted in early 2015, but it took them two years to release their first album.

Each member of the group has a unique background and profile. They live in three-person groups in two dorms, with each member having their room. We'll go over updated facts about each member in this blog, so you'll be up to speed on your favorite members' personal information.


Sohn Hyun Woo is Shownu's birth name. He was picked as the leader of Monsta X since he is the primary vocalist and key dancer in the group. He was born in the year 1992 and his horoscope is Gemini.

He is the only child of his parents and was born in Donbonggu, Seoul, Korea. Shownu began his career with GOT7 as a JYP trainee. However, due to absenteeism, he was forced to leave.

He completed his traineeship for two years and became close friends with the members of GOT7. Shownu enjoys working out and stuffing his face with protein-rich foods, particularly meat. Shownu was a former member of NUBOYZ. Which was particularly a boy band. Shownu contributes to the choreography for Monsta X's performances and music videos, which is an unusual fact. In July of the previous year, he enlisted in the military.


Minhyuk's true name is Lee Min Hyuk. Due to his beautiful appearance and engaging attitude, he is the group's sub-vocalist and visual. His zodiac sign is Scorpio, and he turned 28 years old in November. Check out Kpop Merchandise Online if Minhyuk is your favorite Monsta X member and you're looking for Minhyuk-related Monsta X merchandise or any other Kpop goods.

He was born in Gwangju, a South Korean city. He is a foodie who enjoys sweet potatoes as well as pizza. He also consumes Coca-Cola while making jokes and entertaining the other members of the gang. He also brightens the mood of the group when they are in a bad mood. Minhyuk's voice is assured, and he uses his lips efficiently to create the most exquisite melodies.


Kihyun, as Yoo Ki Hyun, is Monsta X's main vocalist. Anyone can be charmed by his lovely voice. He and his older brother were born in the Goyang region of South Korea in 1993.

Kihyun is not only the group's strongest vocalist, but he also knows how to play the piano. He is a Dong Ah Institute of Media and Arts graduate who enjoys writing songs and creating catchy lyrics. Dancing, spending time with friends and making ramen are some of his favorite pastimes.


Chae Hyung Won is one of the group's most multi-talented members, who can not only sing and dance but also rap. His attractive looks made him one of the group's visuals over time. He was born in 1994, is a Capricorn, and weighs around 132 pounds.

Hyungwon has a younger sibling. His genes delivered to him wonderfully curved and pouty lips, for which he is famous. Hyungwon is the member who sleeps and snacks the most out of the rest of the group. Sashimi, salty fried big shrimp, and pig barbecue are among his favorite foods.


He came up with his new name as Joohoney, from his old name which was Jooheon. With Monsta X, he acts as the lead rapper and sub-vocalist. He creates songs for his admirers on SoundCloud so that they may have a personal flavor of his vocals.

Joohoney has one younger sibling and grew up in Daegu. He raps like a pro and is a Michael Jackson enthusiast. In his songs with Hyorin and San E, he showed off his singing prowess. Along with lyrical composition and song production, he expresses an interest in designing album sleeves and music videos. He was a member of another boy band called NYBOYZ in the past. He speaks English better than the majority of the other members.


I.M was born in Gwangju, South Korea, and has an older brother. Throughout his boyhood, he traveled often and spent the majority of his time in Boston and Israel. As a result of his frequent travels, he acquired the English name, Daniel/ Danny. His father is his hero, and he aspires to be a scientist like him. I.M can communicate successfully in English because he has spent time in the US. He enjoys hanging out with his bandmates and writing catchy song lyrics.

This is a thorough collection of information about each member of Monsta X, the popular boy band. If you enjoy their music and want to get Monsta X merchandise or twice official hoodies, go to Kpop Merchandise Online.