Tips To Look Like Your Favourite Kpop Idol

Are you a fan of Kpop bands, like BTS, EXO, or Blackpink? Would you like to dress like Kpop idols? If you have ever dreamed of wearing a look like that of your favourite Kpop idol, this blog will help you. In this blog, you will learn the basic clothes and accessories, such as BTS, EXO, or NCT 127 merch, you should consider to ensure a unique look and feel like a Korean pop music idol.

Here, you will find a comprehensive list of the essential points you must consider when dressing like your idol.

Choose a theme

The idols do not randomly choose their clothes and accessories (Kpop merchandise). They are very specific, and all of them together generate a specific identity, a concept. For example, a concept choice might be to dress in a sexy image or look good-looking like a bad boy.

You can also give prominence to a specific garment or accessory, such as a jacket, a hat, or glasses.

Nor should we rule out certain clothes because they are associated with a specific theme or trend. For example, putting on a headscarf does not mean that this look is only associated with the 80s. You can perfectly combine it with other clothes.

Give your style a change with the same clothes

Combining these clothes in different layers is a trick to show off a new look with Kpop dresses from the same clothes. For example, wearing a shirt over a T-shirt or combining a dress with pants.

It is also a good option to prefer different colours. You should not only look in your closet for only dark or flashy clothes, but you need to wear other different colours and give a change to your style.

Continuing with the idea of how to benefit from the clothes you have, in this section, it is time to get styles with Kpop clothes that mix boy's and girl's clothes. For example, you can combine a skirt with a boys’ basketball or soccer jersey.

Perfection is in imperfection

Dressing perfectly taking care of all the details is not the key. Kpop stars usually use different merchandise in a somewhat disorganised way. However, they do not forget what we mentioned in the previous points about looking for a style or a theme.

It is not intended to offer a perfect image, wearing a look as if one were going to attend an Oscar gala, but rather to combine garments of different types. For example, you can wear a cap and a hooded sweater simultaneously. This look also has another function, and it is incognito, helping idols to go unnoticed on the street. It is very common to find this type of garment combined with sunglasses, scarves, or high neck sweaters.

Wear bold colours, but not a hippie look

On many occasions, when you think of colours or patterns, the typical t-shirts with bright shades and faded tones that we would find in a hippie look may come to mind. Nevertheless, using something like that could be a mistake if not used properly.

The more colours the clothes wear and the more disorganised the look, the smart you will be. Nevertheless, do not make the mistake of wearing a sloppy and unglamorous image.


Accessories give a special touch to styling. For example, you can combine different types of earrings of different colours or sizes. The accessories must be attention-grabbing.

Some garments are striking for the number of buttons and zippers. In this case, the same garment, which includes striking elements, makes it different and gives it a special touch.

In Kpop outfits, all the details add up. Accessories play a very important role and cannot go unnoticed.

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