Here’s How Understanding Ateez Can Help You With Your Music Career

If you want to make it big in the music scene, then you got to learn from the masters. Understanding the success recipe of accomplished bands can help you reach your destination as well.

Here, we don’t mean that you copy them exactly. But knowing what got them success can help you pick out a few elements for yourself and give your career a boost.

Without further ado, let’s see a few things that worked well for Ateez:


The music scene has seen some massive evolution. It’s no more about producing the right notes. It’s about offering an experience. Ateez knows this and is putting it to good use for themselves.

Open up any of their videos, and you’ll see that they are short stories in themselves. The video quality is supreme, and that’s what the viewers love. It’s lovely to see how they set up the right mood for their viewers via their set and videos.

The takeaway for you here is that you need to think beyond music. If you wish to be a hit, then you need to have great cinematography for your music. It’s not that people don’t appreciate great music. But there’s hardly any new successful talent that made it big just with their music.


It goes in the same vein as the first point- Ateez has some great moves in their videos.

The dances are in perfect sync with their music, and it feels as if they are telling a story. They also put up the subtitles for non-Korean audiences to understand their work.

Great dance moves fill the audience with energy. If you want your listeners to groove to your music, then putting up some great dance moves in your videos can help you become successful.


The concept for most of the Ateez videos is simple. They use lovely themes and backgrounds but nothing too flashy, which shall take away the focus from them.

This one is completely up to the preference of the artists, but minimalism seems to work well for Ateez. You’ll see the set, and background props are just for assistance. They are never the main thing.

Groovy music

They make good music. The listeners feel electrical and can feel the vibe of the song right away.

Your aim should be to connect with the audience as soon as possible. The reason why Kpop bands like Ateez, BTS, or Exo are such big hits is that they resonate with the masses. Their brilliance is evident in the fact that they have a worldwide fan following, even though the songs are Korean.

This means that their music successfully breaks the language barriers and sits well across various cultures.

Also, ensure that you focus on the music too. If you focus on all the other elements, but your music isn’t great, then you’ll not have much success.

Final Words

Ateez is amongst the top Kpop bands that people admire. Learning some secrets to success from them is a great strategy for struggling artists.

Remember, you can only be inspired by someone. At the end of the day, you’ll have your own unique journey to success. Till then, practice hard and be disciplined. And one day, you shall have your own merch just like the official ateez merch.

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