How To Produce Music Like Twice

The girl band Twice is making some serious waves in the music scenes since 2015. The group consists of 9 girls and has a fan base spread out across the globe. In this article, we shall explore some elements that made Twice a success.

Hopefully, this shall give you some inspiration. Plus, if you are looking to take inspiration from Twice then you must find some precious information down below. Here are some elements that can help you produce art like Twice:

Respect the Grandeur

Twice doesn’t shy away from making some of the gaudiest music videos. One reason why the band is admired a lot is because they know how to make the videos grand. From the most colorful sets to the most creative animation, you’ll find it all there.

That’s the key that makes Twice a success. If you’d want some Twice inspiration, then work on your videos. Don’t try and replicate what you see, but there’s nothing wrong with getting inspired by the concepts.

Take Fancy for example. You can just see that each and everything was well planned on the set. Everything appealed to the eyes. If you want to be a success, then you’ll have to carefully look at this area.

Create the right hook

Twice makes some eargasmic music. You could see that they work on their hooks and make some catchy phrases that make the listeners groove.

Even though the music is primarily Korean, the music feels pleasant to the ears. The baseline- it just feels right. If you want to be a hit like Twice, then you’ll need to take some inspiration in this domain.

Make sure that your listeners appreciate what you provide to them.

Know your audience

This is an important point for anyone that wishes to be a success in the music world- know your audience.

A Metallica fan may never appreciate Twice, but that’s okay. That’s not Twice’s target audience anyways. When you create music, you’ll have to make it for a specific group of people. Those who appreciate what you produce. If you are aiming to give birth to something that everyone can understand, then you are coming into the field with a wrong mindset.

In fact, a lot of artists just produce what feels right to them, and their work finds the right audience eventually.

Be uplifting

If you are looking for some Twice appreciation, then your music needs to be uplifting. There’s a reason why Twice attracts billions of views on their work from all around the world- they are relevant to many.

Their Korean songs could easily have kept them limited to a specific region. But the key to success lies in producing something that everyone can enjoy.

If your music is uplifting or induces emotions inside people, then they’ll surely be attracted to you.

Again, it all boils down to what you want to do with your music.

Final words

If you are looking for some success in your music career, then studying Twice can be great. The girl band has made it big and makes up for some amazing contemporary success. It has amassed massive success in a considerably short time.

Remember, this article shall only serve as an inspiration for you. If you’ll try and copy them exactly, then the chances of your success are bleak. Be inspired, practice hard, and find up your own path to success.

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