How Kpop Idols Get Their Clothes?

Have you ever wondered how these Kpop artists manage to stay so well-dressed? We have seen them getting snapped in designers' clothes, matching accessories, and inevitable pieces from head to toe, even when off stage.

Some stars are known for pulling off unconventional outfits and defying fashion standards; we can't possibly imagine that they're also gifted in the style sector in addition to their performance abilities.

This blog will answer all of the questions you've ever had regarding how they show up wearing the clothes they do. Is there any particular Kpop store for their clothes? Whether they pay for their clothes, whether they wear their own choices or are told what to dress.

We all want to look like them, but we should learn about what goes on behind the scenes before we do.

So, without further ado, let's get started!

Where Do Kpop Idols Get Their Clothes?

Now, this question has many parts, about which clothes we are talking about? Is it about stage clothes? Variety shows? About runway photo-ops? Or the clothes that Kpop idols wear on the street when they mind their own business?

There are a few practices that appear to be extremely common. For example, the firm will almost always buy everything you see on stage. The idols will put on the clothing, but they do not own them. Even after the items have been worn, the firms keep them. These are then exhibited or restyled on a different idol.

Like Western celebrities, everything you see on red carpets and award events is usually gifted or lent by influential designer labels. These firms will use the stars' prominence to promote their newest collections, often enticing followers to buy the things.

Even when they are not on the red carpet, Kpop celebrities may get access to a designer or high-end brands without paying a penny. It's pretty uncommon for admirers to give expensive clothes and accessories as gifts. Idols may even be sponsored by a business, which will provide them with clothing to wear and get snapped.

Do Kpop Idols Rent Their Clothes?

If we know that Kpop stars suffered financially in the beginning, how did they purchase so many pricey pieces? Of course, not every corporation will be able to serve many groups in outfits costing thousands of dollars.

Like SM or YG (South Korean entertainment companies), big firms are rumored to have completely stocked closets from which idols can borrow their outfits.

On the other hand, small enterprises are not even allowed to preserve items that have just been worn once unless they were used in a music video.

When Do Kpop Idols Wear Their Own Clothes?

Kpop idols are primarily free to wear whatever they want. It's only the time of promotions when their outfits will be more thoughtfully put together. But do you consider "their own clothes" to be more casual pieces or those purchased by them? After all, just because they own something doesn't imply they paid for it.

In some circumstances, more prominent stars may choose pieces to wear on stage or during public engagements. Nonetheless, all of these will be subject to stylist approval.

And if you find an idol wearing similar outfits over several comebacks, that isn't necessarily indicative of their fashion sense. Stylists tend to dress some members in recognizable pieces. Hence, a lady group member usually wears over-the-shoulder clothing, or a guy always wears leather harnesses despite the returning theme not asking for it.

How Do Kpop Idols Afford Expensive Clothes?

If we're talking about more significant names like BTS, EXO, Blackpink, or Twice, you can say that they make more than enough to afford it.

However, there are several ways for Kpop icons to wear expensive items, and the most common way is by sponsorships and gifts.

There are multiple ways to be financed, from occasional gifts to ambassadorship deals and even dedicated brand lines. Chanel, Dior, Bvlgari, Saint Laurent, Celine, MAC Cosmetics, etc., these are only those depicted by the Blackpink girls!

Where Do Kpop Idols Buy Their Clothes?

If Kpop idols were to buy clothes, it's pretty realistic to say they'd avoid enormous crowds and shop online. They prefer house names such as Off White, Tommy Hilfiger, and Burberry. Beyondcloset, Stylenanda, and Charm's are a few minor Korean labels that appear regularly.

Final Words

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