How Does Kpop Culture Influence Young People?

Korean dramas and pop groups, whose stars are called idols, have triumphed around the globe. The role of social media in the popularity of these Kpop cultures is significant. Youngsters from every nation tend to buy their merchandise to express love and admiration for their favorite celebrity and band.
For example, the latest remix from the BTS, Dynamite, is the most popular in the whole Kpop genre. It has broken various Guinness World Records, including the most viewed video in the first 24 hours of its launch in 2020. Not only this, this is the most viewed Kpop group on YouTube and placed top on the billboard hot 100.
The global appeal has not been limited only to the music world; the fans and followers also mimic the fashion and style of these idols. Therefore, Kpop has gone from being a musical genre and a mass splendor to a way of dressing.
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Brands Idols projected the top fashion and style trends for 2020 at the end of 2019. They discussed K-Pop, stating that numerous components of this music were featured in fashion shows and events.
K-pop has been accepted by luxury, urban, and sports fashion brands. The amount of attention they received on social media networks demonstrates how famous these collaborations were.
Ralph Lauren had clothed the BTS members for a photo shoot for GQ magazine's Japanese edition cover in October 2020. The photographs uploaded by the company on Instagram have received tens of thousands of likes.

Unisex Fashion

The most well-known K-pop idols are also thought to be innovators. K-pop idols are considered trendsetters since their fans worldwide mimic their fashion sense. They have also given rise to a variety of fashion styles. Some trends are incredibly disruptive in gender roles and aesthetics, which have historically been associated with the feminine and masculine.

The entire urban tribe in South Korea has reinterpreted the notion of "flower boys," resulting in a new craze among boys. This style encouraged boys to take care of their looks by wearing makeup, pastel tones, or clothing generally associated with women. This trend spread quickly, regardless of their sexual orientation, and without them ceasing to be guys.

BTS members, for example, wore costumes from Gucci's feminine collection and concept photographs from the "Map of the Soul: Persona" album. V, one of its members, and other celebrities, such as EXO's Kai, have been seen carrying purses. In addition, System has unveiled a collection of genderless shirts and unisex apparel.

Kim Heechul of Super Junior also has a show called Lipstick Prince, in which he teaches that male cosmetics are entirely acceptable.

Similarly, idols of female K-pop bands frequently choose to wear suits, which are traditionally considered men's.

Kpop Trends

Genderlessness is not the only trend inspired by K-pop and its trendsetters. This feature has had a significant impact on Korean fashion and beauty and on the rest of the world.

For example, military boots, which appear in BTS' Jungkook, have been fashionable again, and even Korean girls wear them with midi dresses. Inside and outside Korea, this is another very stylish clothing, comprised of comfortable midi dresses. This band's primary vocalist enjoys wearing baggy sweatshirts and jeans, checkered shirts, and black T-shirts.

On the one hand, the repeating pastel tones are carried through in the colors. White, light blue, cream, lemon yellow, pink, melon green, fuchsia, and other bright hues are prevalent.

Final Words

These South Korean-born trends are making their way worldwide via social media. However, the role of the internet is equally important in the emergence of Kpop fashion trends and popularity.

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